A beautiful story about a fan finally getting their chance with the boys of One Direction. I don't want to give anything away, but please comment, like and fan! :) <3


10. Double Trouble


Harry's POV

          She’s almost here. I can’t believe Gemma found a way to get my baby here for me. I just wish that we could tell the world about us being together. But now I am sitting in the airport with the boys, Bridget, Cali, and my family waiting for her to come. She should be here in about ten minutes. As I’m standing and pacing, someone comes up and grabs my hand. I turn and see Gemma. “I hate to break it to you Haz, but I have two pieces of bad news.” I sigh and put my head in my hands as I sit on a chair.

“Let’s hear it…” I say miserably.

“Well the first, is you can’t be the first to hug Payton when she gets here. I’ve seen some paparazzi in disguise watching us, and we can’t give you and Taylor away. As much as we both wish we could,” Gemma sighs. She hates Taylor just as much as I do. “And second, is the devil just walked through the door.” My jaw drops as I look to the left and I see Taylor swooping in and kissing me. Ugh that happened way to fast. For the sake of the paparazzi watching us though, I try to act happy to see her.

“Hey Tay,” I say as she glares at Gemma to get her to stand up. She sits next to me, grabs my hand and snuggles her head in my shoulder.

“What are you doing here babe?” she asks. “I thought we were going to a movie tonight? You were supposed to pick me up at seven.” I roll my eyes.

“Taylor, look at your phone. It’s five thirty right now. I was going to pick you up at seven…” Suddenly Gemma taps my shoulder as she starts running towards the terminal. I follow her gaze, and see my absolutely beautiful girlfriend running towards Gemma. Her strawberry blonde hair is pulled back in a messy bun, and she was wearing leggings and a green Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles shirt. She hugs Gemma and has that smile on her face that I haven’t seen since I was carrying her to the hotel room about five months ago.

They hug and rock back and forth for a couple of minutes, having girlish chat and screeching that they’re together again. Soon she’s out of Gemma’s arms and passed through Bridget’s, Cali’s, and my moms. Suddenly her eyes are looking into mine again, and they’re so beautiful it’s tearing my heart apart not to kiss her. “Hey Payton, it’s been a while…” I try to find the words to say I love her without actually saying them. I just hug her and hold her tightly.

She pulls away, and walks over to Taylor. I forgot how good of an actress she is. She hugs Taylor and says how amazing it is to meet her. Yup, she’s a pretty good actress. She walks over to Gemma again and they link arms and start skipping out of the airport. They jump into my car outside and buckle up in the backseat. Taylor grabs my hand and we walk to my car. She sits in the passenger seat, where Payton should be. I buckle in, and turn around to see Payton. I see out the window that paparazzi are swarming the car, so I can’t say what I want to say.

“It’s good to see you again Payton,” I stutter out. She smiles and nods, and starts talking to Gemma about how much she loves some new singer she found on YouTube. It’s heart breaking seeing her, but I’ll be alone with her soon. I know we’ll get some time together. Until then, my baby is back with me.



Gemma’s POV

                This must be so hard for Harry and Payton; I can’t even understand how they’re doing this. Payton’s stronger then Harry though, you can tell. She’s sitting in the back talking to me, like nothing could be wrong. Harry keeps turning backwards to look at her. I’m worried though, Taylor doesn’t know who Payton really is. Actually, I’m pretty sure she believes her and Harry’s relationship is real. I don’t think she even knows Harry has a real girlfriend. She keeps reaching for Harry’s hand and waving to the paparazzi, and I can see Payton’s eyes whenever Taylor grabs Harry’s hand. Her eyes become dark and stormy, like lightning is striking inside them.

                But somehow, when she looks back at me or to the paparazzi, the storm clears and her normal rainbows and sunshine come back into place. She’s incredible really; I don’t know how she’s doing this. After about 15 minutes of paparazzi clear away and Harry floors it to get away to the highway. I text Payton, since Harry’s blaring music.

                Does Taylor know that she and Harry’s relationship isn’t real? Does she even know who you are yet?

                Payton glimpses at her phone, and rolls her eyes at Taylor to make me laugh as she starts to reply.

                I have no idea, I doubt it. I hope Harry is able to tell her though, because if she’s always around, that’s going to be a pain in my butt.

                I nod in agreement, and we sing along to the radio the rest of the way home. The boy’s first show of the tour is tomorrow night in London. Payton’s here just in time.

Bridget’s POV              

        I’m so ecstatic Payton actually gets to come! It broke Cali and I apart leaving her for the summer. I swear we weren’t trying to be bad friends or anything. We were going to stay with her, but she insisted we get some time with our boyfriends. But now the holy trinity is back together, and we’re staying at Harry’s for the night! All five of the boys, Gemma, Danielle, Perrie, Cali, Payton and I. Oh, and the she devil herself, Taylor. I was in a car with Niall, Louis, Zayn, Liam, Danielle, Perrie and Cali on the way home. I started off the conversation as soon as we were away from the paparazzi.

                “How are we supposed to get the blonde devil away for the night?” I start. “Payton and Harry need some alone time desperately. They’ve barely been able to talk for the last five to six months.”

                I didn’t know the devil I had unleashed at that point. I knew I made a mistake when I saw the look Cali and Louis gave each other. Those two are trouble separately, when we put them together, especially as a couple, it created a complete monster from a horror movie. “Oh no…” Niall says. He sees the look too.

                “Please not again…” Liam groans. Last plan they had was yesterday, and it was to get Liam back for taking Niall’s last piece of pizza. Liam got tied, chained, and duck taped to a chair in a closet, while he was sleeping. Not to be found for six hours. Separately, they’re pranksters. Together, they’re dangerous almost.

                “Wait, this is only going to affect Taylor right?” Niall makes sure.  They nod and look back towards the road. Suddenly, I am almost sorry for whatever Taylor is about to encounter.


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