A beautiful story about a fan finally getting their chance with the boys of One Direction. I don't want to give anything away, but please comment, like and fan! :) <3


2. Broken and Blue Eyed


Payton's POV

I could feel myself coming to, I started hearing voices and small noises around me. I couldn’t hear full conversations, but I could detect bits and pieces of things going around me, but my real question is where the heck am I?

                “How is she?” asked a deep, raspy voice.

                I couldn’t hear much of the next voice. “….ribs… internal bleeding… possible coma…” Are they talking about me? What does a coma feel like? Should I be able to hear people when I’m in a coma? Am I dreaming? I tried desperately to open my eyes, to see the world around me once more, but I couldn’t lift my eyelids, which suddenly felt like 2,000 pound weights.

                I hear movement around me, not loud noises, but just shuffling and shifting of feet, changing chairs or pacing the room. I can’t hear about how many people are here, but the feet are too heavy to be Bridget’s or Cali’s. Where was I last? The last thing I remember was walking to the concert to pick up Bridget and Cali. Was I kidnapped and then rescued? What happened to me? Where are my girls?

                I suddenly started panicking, what if I am in a coma? What if I am dying and can’t even open my eyes to quickly say goodbye to the world? Suddenly words started flowing back into my mind.

                ‘Keep your heart beating.’ I don’t remember where I heard the voice, or whose voice it was, but I remember the plead in the person’s voice, and how much meaning was behind the words they said to me. But for that person, I know I had to keep fighting.

Harry’s POV

                I pace back and forth on the floor, and then after a few minutes I sit down on a chair next to her bed and put my head in my hands. This was all my fault, how could I do this to someone? I get up again and start pacing around the room. I stare out the window and look at the moon, most of England is probably sleeping at 3am, but I couldn’t dare sleep.

                Because of the other boys and I, this poor girl got completely trampled. The girls at the concert spotted us leaving, shoved her against a wall, and when she collapsed, they stomped on her chest. They broke 4 of her ribs, two on each side. I feel horrible. The doctor came in a few minutes ago and told me that she might be in a coma, but that they can’t tell if it’s that or massive blood lost.

                I look down at her face and wonder about who she is. When I found out she was getting trampled, I had Paul, Niall, Liam and I run into the center of the crowd and pull her out. Zayn and Louis were pulling fans off of her, telling them to watch where they’re going next time. But since she’s been in my sight, I’ve just wanted to know what color her eyes are.

                That may be a strange sounding request, but it has a double meaning. I honestly just want her to be able to open her eyes again, and to live. I will not be able to live with myself if because of One Direction, a teenage girl died. And the other reason I want to know the color of her eyes is because it’s a mystery to me. This may sound strange as well, but I love girl’s eyes. And for the past 7 hours, I have been trying to guess what color her eyes are. I’ve been shifting between blue and green. For some reason I can’t picture her strawberry blonde curls matching with brown eyes.

                I paced the room a few more time, singing to myself to try to calm down. Finally I sit in a chair and loose it again. I place my head in my hands and let violent sobs leave my body. I lose it. I punch the wall and kick the chair. I lose it. I yell and scream and cry. I lose it. I cry a lot more.

                A few minutes after my tantrum starts, Louis, Liam, Niall, and Zayn walk into the room, having been woken up by my yelling. Louis was the first over, his hand was on my shoulder, and he settled me down into a chair. “Harry please calm down,” Liam said, rubbing Harry’s back with one hand. “She’s going to be okay..” Liam started, I cut him off.

                “How would you know? You saw how much blood she lost! You know what the fans did to her! You know she could mentally never be the same because of trauma to her brain like that!” I yell and cry. I finally get the will to silence myself, and that’s when Zayn stands in front of me.

                “Man, you’re not the only one who has been awake all night,” he said. I give him a questioning glance. He explains, “The four of us and Paul have been talking to the best doctors in the world all night. We described the situation, and her current stance. Apparently this exact situation has never happened before, when it is music related basically. But stampedes over people have happened before, and only one has ever died, but all 24 of his ribs were broken, and people stomped into his heart, killing him instantly. Situations like this, most people escape alive. The doctors have much hope,” Zayn finished.

                I look up at my four best friends and apologize. “I’m sorry about my tantrum; I just got scared I guess…” They all shushed me, saying it’s not a big deal and that they understand where I’m coming from. “We owe her though,” Harry admitted. Louis’ pocket started singing. “Who’s calling?” I ask.

                “It’s the girl’s phone, we found it in her pocket and started trying to find her parent’s numbers, but both of her parents were asleep around 11 when we found it. It looks like some girl named Bridget is texting her,” Louis said as he took out the phone. He read the texts aloud.

                “Where are you? The concert ended, it was amazing! My parents are taking us to dinner!”

                “An accident supposedly happened right outside the concert, are you okay?”

                “Hey, please answer we’re starting to get really worried about where you are!”

                “If you’re in the hospital, someone please call us. I know someone will have her phone, please let us know where she is. We’re her best friends, and we need to know where our sister is,” Louis finished reading the last heart breaking text. “I’m going to go call them, and let them know where she is, it’s going to be hard, so I may be a while. Niall, Liam, and Zayn head out the door with him, all for different reasons.

                I sit in the chair next to her bed again and wonder millions of questions about her. What was her past like? Why did her friends go to a One Direction concert and not her? What does her voice sound like? Will she be able to forgive me after what I’ve done to her?

                But then suddenly my question is answered. They’re blue. 

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