A beautiful story about a fan finally getting their chance with the boys of One Direction. I don't want to give anything away, but please comment, like and fan! :) <3


13. Author's Note :) xx

Authors Note
Hey everyone! So I thought since my story has to do with Haylor, it's probably a good idea for me to give my opinion on the relationship! Feel free to give me your opinion in the comments, but please no hate!
So I love Harry. I'm a major Harry's girl. And I used to love Taylor. But she started to change, and she seemed angry and upset all the time, and as I started to learn her music on guitar, I realized all of her songs are the same and kind of lost respect for her. But Haylor, I have mixed feelings. 
I don't ship it. I don't love it. But the thing is, is I want Harry to be happy. I used to not like Danielle (Liam's girlfriend) but when I saw how depressed he got without her, and how happy he was when they got back together, I loved her for saving his beautiful smile. So I'm conflicted, because I don't want Taylor to hurt him and write a song about him, making him look bad, and turning swifties against him. 
But to all of you Haylor shippers out there: I am writing this story as it comes. I respect Haylor, and I listen to Taylor's music. This is merely a story I am writing with her as a fictional character. I know she probably isn't delusional, I've never met her. But basically to sum this all up, I don't like it, but I respect it. I want Harry to be happy. 
So there's my opinion! Please keep commenting, liking, favoriting, and become a fan! :) If you want to state you're opinion on Haylor, then go ahead! But if any of you hate on each other, you will be blocked. Spread love, not hate! Yes, I am aware the Haylor broke up as well. I'm not positive on whether it's real or not, because there's been rumors about Haylor breaking up every other day.

Okay everyone, one more thing! :) If you have any ideas on where you want the story to go, please let me know! I've hit a little bit of writers block, but if you have any ideas, PLEASE SHARE THEM :) Thanks for reading, liking, favoriting, and fanning :) <3 LOVE YOU LITTLE CARROTS. 


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