A beautiful story about a fan finally getting their chance with the boys of One Direction. I don't want to give anything away, but please comment, like and fan! :) <3


8. Apologies and Broken Hearts


Payton's POV

         I storm out of the arena as fast as I can, trying to keep the tears from spilling, but I already know a waterfall has messed up my delicate mascara. I keep thinking in my head, ‘It will be like a movie, he’s going to come out and apologize,’ but in my heart I know he’s not. He’s done with me now. He chose Taylor over me because I just wasn’t ready yet. I run into the hotel room and throw on my pajamas, and wash all the makeup off my face. I realize they will all be back here soon. Am I going to have to sleep in the same hotel room as Harry tonight? “Not a chance,” I whisper to myself.

                Maybe I’m not thinking straight, but the only thing I can think to do right now is to leave. I don’t have enough money to be able to buy another hotel room, so I grab a blanket and walk, outside to the playground behind the hotel. I sit up in the castle and wrap the blanket around myself, and I look up at the stars. I don’t know how healthy I am going to be tomorrow, but I hate Harry Styles. I am not sleeping in the same room as him.

Harry’s POV

                The concert is over, and the second it ends I am out the door running to the hotel. She hates me, she’s not going to let me explain, but I need to try. She didn’t answer my text, she didn’t call, she didn’t even stay for the biggest concert One Direction had ever had. I don’t blame her though, because I would have left if she had done that to me. I don’t want Taylor though, that girl is delusional. I’d rather date Louis then her, and I’m straight. I arrive back to the hotel and quietly open the door, but when I enter, she’s gone.

                All of her things are in here, her dress she was wearing at the concert, her phone, her shoes, everything. Where could she have gone? I run into the pool area, I run to the workout room, the gift shop, I run out to the front, as I see Niall, Bridget, Cali and Louis walking up, and I run to the last place she could be, the lobby. She’s nowhere to be seen. I collapse into a nearby chair and sit with my head in my hands, letting thick, deep sobs work their way from my heart and soul to my vocal chords. She’s gone, what if I can never convince her it’s not what she thinks?

                Louis runs inside and takes a seat next to me, patting me on the back and lifting up my hood. “You don’t want anyone to recognize you, mate,” he says. He pats my back and lets me sob.

                “I ruined everything,” I scream to him. I hate myself for this.

                “What if you just explain to her what happened?” Louis offers. I look at him, questioningly. “Tell her what management did! They found out she wasn’t ready, and forced you to do a publicity stunt with Taylor Swift! They’re trying to pass “Haylor” as a thing so both of your careers could grow! You didn’t have a choice in the matter and we would have been put off tour if you didn’t do it!” Louis says to me. I think about it deeply.

                “She’s not going to believe me,” I whisper. Suddenly Cali and Bridget run up next to me and get down on one knee in front of me.

                “Harry, we know where she is if you want to see her,” Cali tells me. I nod, slowly. “She’s outside, in the tree house. We tried to convince her to get out of the cold, but she’s broken Haz.”

                I slowly raise myself from the chair and stand strong. “I’m going to get my baby back,” I say shakily, trying to appear confident. I place my hood on my head, my hands in my pockets, and waltz through the back door, not sure what I’m going to say to convince her.

Payton’s POV

                I feel myself getting lost in the stars, and I couldn’t be more relieved. I just wanted to escape earth, and stop being here for a little while. As soon as I feel myself start getting lost in the pinpoints in the sky, I feel a presence next to me. I turn my head, expecting Bridget or Cali, but when I turn I am greatly disappointed. It’s Harry, I start getting up but he pulls my arm down.

                “Ten minutes, that’s all I ask. If you still hate me after, you never have to deal with me again.” I ponder on this. It’s tempting, but I’m not sure which part. Still hearing his voice for ten more minutes, or never having to talk to him again. I don’t want to listen to what he has to say though, so I start leaving again, he pulls my arm towards him again, until our faces are inches apart. I see fresh tears in his eyes and it’s red underneath his eyes, he’s been crying for a long time. “Please, I’m begging you Payton,” I sit down. I don’t look at him, but I give him a chance. He starts to speak.

                “This was all management. They found out that you weren’t ready for us yet, so they decided to swoop in and take some celebrity for me to be with. They say it will grow Taylor and my fanbase. I didn’t have a choice in the matter. If I refused to say that onstage, or if I said your name instead, then they were going to cancel the world tour. As much I desired to stand up to management, I couldn’t do that to the fans. I know you understand that.” I still don’t look at him, it makes sense, but that doesn’t help. “I couldn’t tell you beforehand, I tried to call you but I had no service. All the amps and mics mess up the service. I wanted to tell you baby, I did. I wanted to ask if you were ready, so I could tell management that you were ready for me. But now they started this big plan, and Taylor offered to be the it girl.” I think about this whole problem. I know it’s not his fault, and the fact he’s crying makes me feel horrible.

                “When is the tour?” I ask. He tells me it’s in the summer. “Will Haylor be over by then?” I ask. He nods, assuring me that it will be long over by then. “Fine. I’m not at all okay with this, but since it will be over by summer, then I’ll let it go. I’d miss you too much anyway,” I say as I let myself fall into his arms, letting my final tear fall, but no more.

                “I love you, Payton Leigh,” Harry says as he pulls me into his arms. I lay my head on his chest, and place the blanket around his legs as well as mine. “You know, as much as I love being out in the freezing cold with you on my last night in New York City, can we please go inside? It’s the middle of December.” I smile and pretend to be asleep, keeping my eyes closed. I can feel him roll his eyes and sigh, and he picks me up in his arms. “You owe me, love,” I laugh and he slides us down the twisty slide. I laugh and giggle, and he lifts me up to carry me back into the warmth of the hotel.

Bridget’s POV

                While Niall and Louis change in the hotel room, Cali and I ditch the hallway outside the room to see how things are going with Harry and Payton. We peek our heads around the corner in time to see Payton snuggle up to Harry. After a minute he picks her up into his arms and he slides her down the twisty side as she laughs. “Well, apparently she’s not mad anymore,” Cali says sarcastically. I laugh, but it’s easy to see how in love with each other they are. You can tell they aren’t able to be without one another. Now that they know each other, they won’t ever be able to be without each other again.

                “That’s so good though,” I tell her. And as Harry gets closer we dash back up to the room, to see Louis and Niall looking for us.

                “Where were you girls?” Niall asks, but I grab his hand and drag him back in the room. He keeps muttering, but I don’t want Harry to know we were watching him, so I pin him to the bed and I lay on top of him. “Well, I’m certainly going to miss this,” Niall whispers. I feel my heart break because I know he’s right. The boys are leaving tomorrow, and Cali, Payton and I are going home. I know it’s going to be harder for Payton then me or Cali. But she and Harry will still be able to talk. Niall is about to say something else, but I push his lips to mine and we start kissing again. I’m going to miss this so much. He’s my first love, and I care about him more than anything in the world, I always have, and it’s going to be torture not being with him, but we’re going to call and text every day and night, along with Skype and over breaks we’re going to meet halfway to see each other.

Payton’s POV

                Life is good again. Now that Harry explained everything to me, I understand him. We’re on the same page again, and I’m in his arms being carried back up to our room. “Can we spend summer break together?” he asks me.

                “If Bridget and Cali are still allowed to come with Louis and Niall, then I’m sure my parents would let me come this summer for the foreign part of the tour.” Harry smiles and I’ve never seen him look so happy. “Why so happy?” I ask.

                “Because we’re going to spend the entire summer together, and that sounds like a dream come true to me!” I smile, and wrap my arms around his neck and slowly kiss his lips as we approach the outside of our door. We walk inside the room to see Niall and Bridget making out on one bed, and Cali and Louis snuggling and reading children’s books together on the other. “Well, looks like we’ve got the couch tonight.”

                Harry lays me down on the couch and jumps around me to lay behind me. He wraps his arms around my waist, and I turn around, to face his face instead of Cali and Louis giggling. “I love you Payton,” he reminds me once again. I smile and kiss his lips quickly.

                “I love you too, Harold Edward Styles,” I whisper, as Cali and Louis finish a book and turn off the lights. He kisses me passionately. I feel all his emotions in the kiss. Anger at management, sadness at how he hurt me, pain from knowing tomorrow we won’t see each other for five months, happiness from being with me now, and love, real and true love. After a few minutes we pull apart, and his voice is shaking.

                “Forever and always?”

                “Forever and always.” 

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