I'm So Lucky I Have You

Sam and her best friend Jamie are going on a trip to England for the summer after they graduate high school. They get on the plane and sit next to people they never imagined they would sit next to.


1. Who Am I sitting next to?

Sam's P.O.V.

"Can you believe that we are finally going to England!"

"I know this is going to be the best trip ever!" my best friend Jamie says to me.

Ever since Jamie and I have been friends, we have wanted to go to England together. We have always thought that everything was better there and don't even get me started on the guys. Let's just say that they are the hottest people on the planet.

"I hope we see One Direction so that I can meet Niall!" Jamie squeals.

Typical Jamie always talking about One Direction. I'm not saying that I don't like them, I just don't listen to there music because I dance. But she says they are good.

"Really, Jamie, that's all you care about? What about all the other things that we wanted to do before there was One Direction?" I said looking at her walking towards the terminal.

We have finally graduated high school and we are starting college in the fall. I am going to Julliard and Jamie is going to the University of Pennsylvania, so this is the last time we will be together for awhile.

"Of course I want to do all those things. I'm just saying that if we see them, you can't stop me from meeting MY Niall." she states snapping her fingers.

"Ok. I won't but.."

I was interrupted by a lady saying "Final boarding call for Flight 313 to London, England."

"What are you saying?" Jamie says.

"Never mind. C'mon let's let on the plane."

Jamie and I get our carry-ons and head towards the gate. Since our seats were in first class, we decided to get on the plane together because our seats were near each other.

When I got to my seat I noticed a really cute boy sitting in the seat next to mine. He has chocolate hazel eyes and has spiked up brown hair with blond highlights in the front with it spiked up. I put my bag in the overhead compartment and noticed that the boy was looking at me and was smiling. I giggled because he was staring. So I take my seat and plug myself into my iPod, when he taps me on the shoulder.

I take out my earbuds and turn to him.

"Hi." the boy says to me while still smiling.

OMG! His accent is so hot. Wait did I just call this guy hot?

"Hi." I said to him smiling back at him.

"So I guess your my plane buddy for this trip."

"What is a plane buddy?"

"You know. When you go on a plane and you are sitting next to a stranger and you want to get to know them, but you are to scared to talk to them."

"That's cool."

"Well, that is exactly why I created the plane buddy. So that you can get to know them and become friends with them."

"That's cool."

"Yea. So I think that it is only fair that we know each other's name. So. What is my beautiful plane buddy's name?"

Did he just call me beautiful? Stop it Sam. You just met this guy, you can't fall for him yet.

"I'm Samantha. And you?"

"I'm Zayn."

"Cool. That is such a unique and cool name."

"Yea. I guess. So why are you going to England?"

Why does he want to know? Does he want to hang out with me? Or stalk me? He probably has a girlfriend.

"My friend and I have always wanted to go. How about you? Do you live there or are you visiting?"

"I live there with my four other mates in Branford."

"That's cool."

"Hey. Tell me what you think of this song?"


I take one of his earbuds and listen to the song that is playing. It's actually a really good song. I like it.

Zayn's P.O.V.

She takes the earbud and we start listening to C'mon C'mon. By her facial expressions I can tell that she likes the song. God, she looks so cute when she is focusing on the music. Stop, it Zayn. You are thinking about future dates with someone you just met and thinking if a relationship that will never happen. The song then ended.

"Wow. That was really good." Sam said to me.

"I'm glad that you like it. What do you think about the singers.?"

"The guy that starts it is really good. I love when the group goes into the chorus the last time and he is singing above everyone else. Overall they all sound really good."

Yay. She likes my voice! Good, at least she has good taste in music. I swear she would be the perfect girl for me. What will happen when she finds out that I am part of the hottest boy band in the world? All I know is I'm falling for her and I'm falling for her fast.

Jamie's P.O.V.

I put my bags in the overhead and I sit down in my chair and I take my ipod out and I noticed that it wasn't mine. It was Sam's. I get up and I walk over to her and I say something to her. 

"Hey Sam. I have your ipod and you have mine. Can we switch?"


I swap ipods with her and when I look at the person sitting next to her, my mouth drops open and I start to breath heavy.

"Jamie are you ok?" Sam asks me looking up at me.

I snap out of my trance and nod my head.

"Don't lie to me. What's wrong?"

"I will text you." And with that, I rush back to my seat and take out my phone and text Sam.

Me: Do you know who you are sitting next to????

Sammm: Yea... Zayn. Why??

Me: I can't believe it. Holy crap... You are sitting next to THE ZAYN!


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