beautiful love

this is my story of how i meet and fell in love with one boy of 1d but would it always last or stay forever read to find out


5. the party invite (bria p.o.v )

When I got back from the bathroom Harry was telling Liam something,I didn't know what its was but I didn't really care . When I sat down everyone was looking at me " what  ??" I said confused " Where did u go " Harry said " To the bathroom duh I told u " I said "you where there for a long time what where you doing in there?" Louis said " I was taking to my friend nosy butt" I said playfully " whats your friends name ?" Niall asked " Caitlyn " I replied. Then this girl walked up and passed us all a invitation to a party at 7:00  " Hope to see you  guys there " She said as she walked away '' I am going is anyone else" Liam asked " I am for sure I love party's " I said happily " I will go " Niall said kinda bummed " I would love to go " Zayn said " Harry are you going cuz I am" Louis asked" yea I wouldn't miss it for the world Lou"Harry said happily "well see you all there" I said as I was leaving.

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