beautiful love

this is my story of how i meet and fell in love with one boy of 1d but would it always last or stay forever read to find out


8. the meeting of boys and friends

When we got to my room Caitlyn said " Bria your room is like a total mess" " I know I  know I'll clean it later " I say " mmhhh " Caitlyn said with sarcasim " I Will " I said kina loudly " ok ok I belive you " Caitlyn said trying not to laugh " Ok you seen my hole house " I said proudly " Bria I justed realised that your parents aren't here where are they ??" Caitlyn said worried " There on a trip to Paris" I said kinda bummed that THEY DIDNT TAKE ME WITH THEM UUGGGG " Oh your parents know they're cool when " Caitlyn says Laughing her head off " lol I just died  I havent heard that in like ages lol" I said almost dieing of laughter " I know lol " caitlyn laughing her head off. Thats when I got a text OH YEA MY PHONE WORKS AGAIN I cheak my pnone the text says



if you get this I just wanted to tell you that me and the boys wanted to hang with you today

from : bria

to : liam

I would but I have Caitlyn over and ...... I kinda didn't want to talk to you about what Harry said to me :(

from : Liam

to : Bria

what did Harry tell you and who's Caitlyn ???

from: Bria

to: Liam 

Harry told me that Niall dared you  to kiss me and it meant nothing and even if you told me it was something. I don't know who to believe so I am going back to talk to Caitlyn if you want to hang out come to my house at 3:00 OK and Caitlyn is my bff FYI.

Liam's p.o.v

I just got this text from Bria and I can't believe Harry said that ...but I  wonder why ??"Harry ,Bria said that you said that Niall dared me to kiss Bria and it meant nothing what's that all about ??" I ask "Well I said that to Bria cuz well.......... (mumbles) I like her " Harry says " What I didn't catch that last part" I said thinking of what he could have said " I like Bria OK " Harry says almost screaming it "oh" I say "yea this just got awkward so.... lets get the boys and go to Bria's.


Brias p.o.v

"Caitlyn my friends will be here soon kay"I say "what friends ? are they boys ? if they are are they cute? " Caitlyn says to eager " their boys and yes there cute" I say " omg you said boys how many boys are there " Caitlyn says " there are five of them and they will be here any second so calm yourself down or they will think you are too boy crazy kay " I said while they walk in and Caitlyn dosent even know " Me boy crazy nooo" Caitlyn says sarcasticlly " Hey boys " I say trying to give a hint to Caitlyn that their here Hey Bria and who's your friend here? " louis asked smiling " Boys this is my best friend Caitlyn . Caitlyn this is Louis,Harry,Zayn,Niall, and Liam ." I say "Heeyy" Caitlyn says shyly "Are you single" Harry asked  " Harry what about Victoria you know my ex girfriend " Louis asked " oh yea I am dateing a sumo wrestler of coures I am single" Caitlyn says

Louis p.o.v 

I just met this girl named Caitlyn and I  think shes cute but Harry just asked if she was single I think he likes her but earlier I heared him saying he like Bria this is confusing me."lol Caitlyn " Bria says " Well what do you guys want to do? " I say while Caitlyn and Bria burst out laughing " That's what she said " Bria says laughing . Now every one is laughing " ha ha ha very funny " I say laughing

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