beautiful love

this is my story of how i meet and fell in love with one boy of 1d but would it always last or stay forever read to find out


9. school


Louis p.o.v

"OK guys its 10:00 I need some sleep for school tomorrow and I think Caitlyn does too" Bria says " OK"  Harry replys " Where does Caitlyn live ? We can drive her home " I ask hoping she can get a drive with us. " She lives next door " Bria says sarcastically " Oh .... OK then see you guys tomorrow at school" I say " bye Louis " Caitlyn says to me ,wait did she say good bye to me?" Bye guys see you tomorrow at school " Bria says " Bye Bria and Caitlyn " Zayn says .  We all said goodbye we left   Bria's house " Does anyone wonder where Bria's parents went ??" Zayn asks " Zayn do you not remember when Bria told us that her parents went to Paris " Harry says with a duh look on his face " Oh yeah " Zayn says . I wonder why Bria's parent's didn't take her with them  ?


*the next morning*

Bria's Pov


Caitlyn and I were in my bedroom trying to pick out an outfit for school.I swear we were there for an hour already.Finally I gave in and settled with this : Caitlyn was wearing a very nice outfit her self  "Nice outfit Bria" Caitlyn said " You have a nice outfit on too  "I replied. " so Caitlyn ..." I continued " I seen the way you looked at Lou the other day. " I finish " what do you mean bria I don't like Lou " she said quickly " now Caitlyn I dident say anything about. Likening him " I say with a smile " ok fine you caught me I have a crush on Lou" she said as she blushed " aww caitlyn " I say " what ???" She says as she shoots me a glare " Caitlyn had a crush............. They grow up so fast " I say fake crying " ha ha very funny bria" she say sarcastically. " lol lets go to school

*bus ride*

Me and Caitlyn get one the bus the boys our already there I walk down the bus lane hallway thingy and of course Caitlyn sit's wit Lou because he asked her too and that's when I saw him Liam just siting there by himself I walk pasted him on. My way to the back of the bus . He grabs my arm I look at him

Liam's Pov

Bria and her friend Caitlyn I think her name was just got on the bus and Caitlyn sit with Lou I wonder what's happing there hmmm. Bria is getting closer And I almost hesitate but I do it I grab her arm and she gives me this did-you-just-touch me look " Bria can I talk to you about what Harry said " I pleaded " there's nothing to talk about " Bria says coldly " please don't make a scene on a bus. " I say " then let's not make one " she says and keeps walking. We'll so much for that .... A few minuets later we get to school and I go fined Harry " fix it " I say a little to harsh " fix what Liam ?" He say confused " you know what I am taking about " I say " you know the Bria thing " I say " oh that yea I am sorry about that Liam I wish I could help but I can't I have a date with Victoria ..... We really hit it off a couple of days of go " he says impressed with him self " I don't care fix it " I say as I storm off

*after school*

Bria is walking out of the school this is my last chance I grab her over by a tree " you have got to stop doing that Liam " she says kinda pissed " Bria please talk to me " I say " fine " Bria says " Bria what Harry said is a lie I didn't kiss you because I was dared I kissed you because I like and I know that's a lot to say even thought I only like just meet you a couple days of go an-" that's when I found my self kiss her and she kissed back " Bria " I say out of breath " yea " she says " will you be my girlfriend"

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