beautiful love

this is my story of how i meet and fell in love with one boy of 1d but would it always last or stay forever read to find out


3. school and cute boys ( brias p.o.v )

When I got in the school believe me it was like the biggest school EVER !!! I was going to get lost I would be here like all day trying to find my first class.Or so I thought that's when Liam came over to me at my locker and said " Do you  need help finding your way around the school if u do I will be glad to help ?? " omg he was taking to me what do I do" yes I need help I would be here like all day trying to find my first class or any class for that matter " I said. " OK come with me " he said as he pointed to a stair case " What class do you  have now " he said . I look at my schedule it said English " I have English now " I say smiling." Really so do I " Liam said . "  Cool "I say  . When we got to the door of English I seen Louis,Harry,Niall, and Zayn . OMG THERE ALL IN MY CLASS ,I almost screamed but I held it because everyone was looking at me . Just then the teacher asked " Come here dear and tell us your name" " My name is Bria " I replied, could fell my cheeks burning up OMG I am blushing what ?!?!?!



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