beautiful love

this is my story of how i meet and fell in love with one boy of 1d but would it always last or stay forever read to find out


6. party time

So it was about 5:30 when I started to get ready for the party I got in the shower washed my hair like four times. When I got out of the shower it was 6:00  I now have one hour to do my hair ,do my makeup and get dressed and trust me that is not alot time for a girl. So I was wearing a nice red dress black high heels .When I was done doing my hair my makeup and getting dressed it was 6:59 . Just then the door bell rang perfect timing I thought when I opened the door Harry, Liam, Niall, Louis and Zayn were standing there" Hi " I said "hi " they said in unison " Are we going to go or are you guys just going to stand there" I said just realizing they where looking at me " OK guys its 7:15 we need to go"Liam says " OK lets go " Niall said . We all got in the van, Louis is driving,Harry is in the passenger seat me , Liam , Niall ,and Zayn  are in the back of the van.When we got to the party there was people every where . When we were there, everyone left me I looked around but they were not there where did they go ?? UGH so I walked around for a while and there they where in the living room with a bunch of girls . But wheres Harry ??I look every where but no Harry so I went up stairs and I hear this noise then I realize Harry is up here having you know what with some girl lol  When I go back down stairs and all the boys aren't in the living room anymore weird wonder where they went lol.

Liams p.o.v

"Boys where is Bria " I said very concerned" I don't know Liam but has anyone seen Harry ?" Louis says "She wouldn't .... would she ??" Niall asks " ooohhh Liam you have some compition" Zayn said  " Zayn not now " I say, that's when Bria walked down the stairs ,she looks soo cute in that dress" There she is " Niall says " We all ran but I don't think Bria seen us until Louis said " Bria where where you ?" " In the bathroom are we really going to go through this again Louis? " Bria says with a sarcastic look on her face  " No I guess not " Louis says laughing " Bria have you seen harry " Niall says " no I haven't " Bria says . So we were all hanging in the living room when harry came down the stairs " Soo Harry what were you doing up stairs ?" louis says " I was with a girl " Harry says just then Victoria comes down the stairs " You where with my ex ?!" Louis says almost screaming it " I couldn't help myself Louis and plus you guys aren't dating so I thought it was OK " harry says " ugh fine you can have her " Louis says leaving " what's up with him? "  Bria says " I don't know Bria " harry says " Well the night is young lets party" Zayn says . Me and Bria were in the kitchen, Bria was siting on the counter and I was right in front of her and that's when I couldn't help myself I leaned in and kissed her . Just then Harry came in and almost screamed " Liam what are you doing? " " Harry .... I .... uh " and I left the room " . It was an half hour and we all went home and Bria was asleep in the back " So what are we going to do with Bria? " Niall asks " Take her home Niall DUHH " I say " Oh right " Niall says . When we got to Bria's house we looked in her purse and found her keys " who's going to take her in?any takers? " Harry said smirking" I will " I say " OK Liam here's the keys " harry says " thanks " I say and  take Bria into her house lay her down on the couch in her dark living room " Good night Bria " and I kiss her on the fore  head .


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