beautiful love

this is my story of how i meet and fell in love with one boy of 1d but would it always last or stay forever read to find out


2. my story ( brias p.o.v )

So this is what happened my first day of school in Cheshire. I was walking to get the bus and guess who I seen at the bus stop.FIVE CUTE BOYS !!! omg they were so hot! .On the bus I was siting on a empty seat when when this boy with really curly hair came and sat by me I ,I wonder what his name is???.When I was listening to music on my iPod he said something but I didn't hear what he said then he tapped me and he said " Hi I am Harry whats you name''I  looked at him and said " My name is Bria "He looked at me like I had three heads like . Like stop staring at me it's weird!"What a nice name I never seen you  here before did you  just move here " he said with this really cheeky simile " Yea I just move here from Cape Breton why ??''I asked " No reason I was just wondering because I never seen you here " Harry said still smiling cheekily at me " Oh well...." When the bus  arrived at the school all the kids got off but Harry pulled me over to his friends and he said  " Guys this is Bria " they all smiled. One with suspenders said " I am Louis nice to meet you  Bria " " nice to meet you too " I said . The one with blond hair said " I am Niall and it is  pleasure to meet you " OK who does this kid thinks he is hes all here saying its a pleasure to meet you  like who says that anymore? I know  I  don't lol. Then this guy with  Justin Bieber hair said " I am Liam how are you? "  I then said  " Good" OK I have to say Liam was kinda cute OK alot cute. Then this guy with like black hair said "I am Zayn and its  nic...." that's when the bell rang.

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