beautiful love

this is my story of how i meet and fell in love with one boy of 1d but would it always last or stay forever read to find out


4. lunch time ( Harry's p.o.v )

 There is this new girl at are school I think she is cute but I just cant get to her with all the other boys around . I think she said her name was Bria I like that name I think its cute but ....* that's when the bell rang for lunch and interpreted my thoughts. When I went up to Bria I asked her if she wanted to sit with me and the lads for lunch she said " OK I would love to" YES ! when we went to the table all the lads where there when bria sat down I am sat next to her , next to Liam was Louis next to Louis was Niall and  next to me was Zayn. I was about to ask why you  moved here but Bria said she has to go to the bath room, that's when I asked the lads if any of them like Bria . Louis said " No Harry I don't like Bria I mean I like Bria as a friend but not in that way " Zayn said " a little " Niall said " I like Bria but not in that ,why what about you Harry do you  like Bria " " Yes why?" I asked " No just wondering " Niall said " And what about you Liam, do you like Bria"Niall asked looking at Liam. " Yea why Niall? " Liam said "ooohhh Harry has some one to compete with " Louis said laughing " Liam you better back off I saw Bria first soo I will get to go out with her" I said " Well Harry what if Bria doesn't  like you" Liam said kinda angry " I don't know Liam but what who ever she picks gets to date her fair  and square " I said getting angry " your on Harry " Liam said.


bria's p.o.v


When I got to the bath room I called my bff Caitlyn


    * phone call *

Bria: hi Caitlyn                                                                         

Caitlyn: hi Bria what's up how Is you new school?.

Bria: my new school is awesome it is HUGE and there's these five cute boys here omg they are to die for ,I wish you where here. Now when did your dad say he was moving here ?

Caitlyn:my dad said in we are moving there in five days

Bria: awesome I cant wait

Caitlyn: me either, I have to go

Bria: OK bye ttyl

Caitlyn :bye Bria



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