Guitar and Piano - A Lovely Mix

Niall and Claire Have been friends for the past 2 years. They had met in the music room at school when Claire had been dumped by her boyfriend of 7 months and decided to play the piano for comfort. It was her getaway from the world. Whenever she was feeling sad or lonely, she would a play beautifully sorrowful tune. That's when the Irish exchange student had been happening to walk by and be mesmerized by the magically haunting tune that emanated from the music room. Ever since then, they had been friends, and secretly, been falling for each other.


2. Chapter 2

I woke up to find my self laying in my bed. It was morning. I must've fallen asleep and Niall must've had to carry me. Speaking of Niall, I had found him laying on his side facing me. He looked so calm and peaceful. I wanted to kiss him. 

A blush crept up my spine and onto my cheeks. What was I thinking!? He was my friend! And ONLY my friend! Nothing more.

My thoughts were interrupted by Niall stirring in his sleep and turning to the other side.

I sighed and got out of bed. I decided to take a quick shower. Once I was out, I put on some clean clothes and headed downstairs to make breakfast. Jeez, Niall is a hard sleeper. Didn't even wake up once. I think.

After about 30 minutes, Niall came down the stairs obviously ready to eat.

"Good morning beautiful" his thick Irish accent was deep from just waking and officially woke me up. I blushed again.

"Morning sleeping beauty. I guess the spell has broken, you're up and walking." he smiled that amazing smile and laughed. I loved his laugh. Even when he chuckles I love it. He makes me happy.

"Ha ha, very funny." he said in a mocking tone while sitting down at the table.

"No seriously!" I started "I thought you had died and came back to life! I was just about ready to hit you with this mega hot frying pan." I lifted the cooking pan and pointed a finger at it by the handle.

He laughed again. Was it just me, or were his eyes a more vibrant blue than before? I'd never seen such deep blue eyes before in my life. They were gorgeous. I mentally slapped myself for thinking about that.

"So what happened last night?" I mentioned as I loaded up the butter onto his 12 stack of chocolate chip pancakes and poured a heap full of maple and buttermilk syrup.

"Well" Niall eyed me and the mountain of pancakes I brought to him with a large glass of milk and placed them infront of him. "You fell asleep, and I didn't want to wake you. So I waited until you had gotten into a deeper sleep before carrying you to bed."

"Sorry about that.." I looked away from Niall and went back to making more pancakes. "It must've gotten pretty late, considering you had spent the night."

"It's okay" he started "I didn't mind. And yeah, it got pretty late. About 2 in the morning. I was too tired to drive back home, otherwise I would've fallen asleep at the wheel.." He looked away "I hope you're okay with that.."

I turned to him "Oh, no! It's completely OK. I was just confused, so I asked. But I'm glad you decided not to go home. We wouldn't want you getting into an accident." He smiled.

"Yeah, that would've been aalll bad."

"Definitely." The room filled with an awkward silence. Niall continued to scarf down his pancakes while I made some for me, got another glass of milk and sat across from him at the table. I decided to start a conversation. 

"So about our song writing" he looked at me expectantly and took another bite, then a sip. "And our synchronization. I feel that we need to hold off on it for a while longer."


~CLIFFHANGER!!! yes.. that was my plan.. anyways! thanks for reading this chapter, I hope you enjoyed. I definitely enjoy writing this story. thanks again! will try to update soon! i'm out, PEACE!~ 

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