I'm Gone Why Can't You See?

Liam and her his girlfriend Avary have been dating for about a year or so. They loved one another very much but one day something bad happened. Avary was going home from watching the Performing Arts School do their concert and dance. It was late out at night and Avary got gunned down by these two men. Trying to text Liam for help she gets shot in the head twice dying. Liam was devastated couldnt live that down but the one thing it he doesnt stop thinking about her. Infinity was their wish.


1. The ending

Reporter P.O.V                                                                 February 12th 2013 

Today in Doncaster a 17 year old girl was shot outside of a performing arts building. She was about 5"6, lift brown hair, grey eyes and long hair. Was shot in the head twice, why we don't know yet. Her boyfriend Liam Payne and his pals zayn Malik, Niall Horan, Harry styles and Louis Tomlinson are there for him and so are his family.

The girls family was contacted yet they was devastated and heart broken. Our prayers go out to her family and friends. We could see she was trying to text her boyfriend saying she was scared but she didn't get to hit send. Hopefully we will find the killers soon to put this murder scene to a end.

R.I.P Avary Lanes

Hey guys by the way this book will not start until end of December beginning of January unless you want me to do this book first then the Miss independent one. Just tell me which one you like and I'll make arrangements :D

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