I'm Gone Why Can't You See?

Liam and her his girlfriend Avary have been dating for about a year or so. They loved one another very much but one day something bad happened. Avary was going home from watching the Performing Arts School do their concert and dance. It was late out at night and Avary got gunned down by these two men. Trying to text Liam for help she gets shot in the head twice dying. Liam was devastated couldnt live that down but the one thing it he doesnt stop thinking about her. Infinity was their wish.


2. Party

Liam's P.O.V

Today is 2012 December 23 almost time for Christmas! My girlfriend and I are going to have a party for the friends and family.

"Liam can you ice this cake for me please " Avary calls my name from the kitchen

"Yea sure"

"Thank you" I started to ice a cake while I heard the door bell ring. It must be my pals Niall Louis Harry and Zayn.

"I got it Liam" I saw Avary running to the door. Yea it was my mates.

"Hey guys" I shouted in the room while trying to wave and to ice a cake.

"Hey Liam!" They all said back.

They all came into the kitchen as they watched me ice a vanilla/ chocolate cake Avary has made.

"Wow that looks really good!" Niall always likes sweets yet he can't figure out his favorite dessert.

"Can one of you boys help me put the star on the tree I can't reach the top of the tree " Avary called for help in the family room.

The tree we have is pretty big it's 8 feet tall, decorated with lights and ornaments, and the star that we got. We have gifts for everyone that is coming to the party they are all under the tree waiting for them. I could hear the boys laughing with Avary in the room.


" alright everyone thank you all for coming before you all go we have gifts for every single one of you" I gave everyone their gifts hoping they will like them.

"Oh thank you Liam and Avary you guys are very kind hearted no wonder your together" Mrs. Madison said as she gave us both a quick hug.

Everyone hugged us and thanked us. They then headed out the door then it was just me and Avary.

"Oh Liam that was so much fun! I love seeing those smiles on their faces! Brings me joy" she's the sweetest girl I have ever met she puts her self last as she takes cares of others.

"I'm glad you had fun I had fun as well now it's time to clean up"

"Oh let me help you"

"No no you go relax you already did enough with the set up" I nudged her to go sit back down as she did so.

I headed to the kitchen to start washing the dishes. I just have to think to my self what would I do without her? I love her so much the way she is how nice she is. Everything about her gets me going.

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