Well, there was a party and a boy ... Shit happens, and a lamp commited suicide ... I felt down and the earth did not explode ...


1. Cold

As the snow fills me, I don’t drown.

I live on, but for now, only as a shell.

My selfishness will be punished.

If not by the God, we all adore so.

But who rules we let forget, or even break.

Then my action will be punished by myself, and myself alone.

I beg, let it end now.

Before the dreams become a reality, so I hurt.

So be kind of heart, and finish me.

My eyes must have become, black pits of nothing now.

I will leave now, but let my art remain.

Maybe I can return, some day.

If I feel the need to see it again, but that is if that ever comes.

The winter have yet not killed, but maybe new year will.

I wonder, maybe I already died many times.

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