Hey There Delilah

Harry Styles Fanfic.
Delilah and Harry are hit my an on coming Semi. Harry Survives and is well but Delilah is forever scared of that fateful night and is now in Sunndy Shore Hospital for the mentally unstable. Harry stays with her and even visits her running on little to no sleep just to make sure she's okay. But there's only so much hope one can have until it drains into nothing. Malory Davis found Harry Styles and Delilah Evans that night. So when the life starts returning to him he is faced with an unsettling task. Break a Promise and a Heart or Just a Heart?

Bye Bye My Little Turttles XD


4. We're Here

           As Harry drove down the seemingly slow interstate he noticed some flowers placed along the  hill side. Huh, Purple Hibiscus's and White Magnolia's, those are pretty flowers. I wonder who they're for... That's when the lights came on. " For Harry Styles and Delilah Evans. - with love from all of your beloved fans, we're here for you." Harry Slammed onto the breaks. no way.... how, how did they know?

 Harry pulls over, slowly turns off the ignition, takes the keys out, and steps out of the car. Harry takes a deep breathe and walks over to the hill side, slowly. Tears began forming in his eyes with each step. As Harry got closer he noticed all of the little details. This must have taken hours. Ever so slowly tears began to fall from Harry's eyes.

Harry then noticed a small purple and blue box with a clear gold ribbon placed on top of the letter "o" in the word "beloved." As Harry slowly walked over to the box he notices a single white Cala Lily placed on top. As Harry slowly reached down to pick up the flower and box he had to take a deep breathe to calm his shaking hands. Okay. It's okay. Just calm down and take the box. Harry said to himself trying to calm down. After picking up the box Harry slowly pulled the gold ribbon off and lifted the top. Inside where hundreds of small hearts with words of inspiration from fans all over the world. Harry pulled out a few.

Never turn your back, always stay true. Love Cynthia <3 

I Love you! I'm here for you never forget that. All of your fans and I will always be here for you no matter what!!! <3 Your lovely Kathy.

" Work Hard. Play Hard. Be Kind" Do you remember those words? Because i do. I live by them everyday. If not for you I would not be here right now. I'm three years free of cutting thanks to you, your voice, and your band. With much Thanks and Love Mary from Vancouver. And with this finial note Harry fell to his knees and cried. Soon Harry felt a hand placed upon his back. 

"It's okay mate, We're all here for you. Through thick and thin remember???" Louis said.

"Yea mate, we're....here for you...... whatever you need." Niall said in between eating Nando's.

"Can't you ever stop eating?" Zayn reply's, smacking Niall in the head.

"OUCH!" Niall replied accidentally dropping his food to the ground. "NOOOOOO!" Niall yelled dropping to the ground and picking up his remaining Nando's. "gosh huba huba gabba jabba neighba." Niall says under his breathe angrily. "I EXPECT A NEW NANDO'S WAITING FOR ME!" Niall yells slowly turning back to Zayn. 

"Yeah Yeah whatever." Zayn says waving his hand to hush Niall. Niall then stands up with his food in hand and  continues to eat his Nando's as if it didn't just touch the ground.

"EHWWWWWW NIALL GET THAT OUT OF YOUR MOUTH!" Yells Liam running over to Niall and puts his hand out in front of Niall. "Spit! NOW! Do YOU KNOW HOW MANY GERMS ARE ON THAT NOW!!!!! UHHHHG!"

"NO!" Niall says running off.

"YES! NOW!" Liam yells chasing after him.

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