Hey There Delilah

Harry Styles Fanfic.
Delilah and Harry are hit my an on coming Semi. Harry Survives and is well but Delilah is forever scared of that fateful night and is now in Sunndy Shore Hospital for the mentally unstable. Harry stays with her and even visits her running on little to no sleep just to make sure she's okay. But there's only so much hope one can have until it drains into nothing. Malory Davis found Harry Styles and Delilah Evans that night. So when the life starts returning to him he is faced with an unsettling task. Break a Promise and a Heart or Just a Heart?

Bye Bye My Little Turttles XD


5. Peached

"Hello?" Harry said, annoyed for the call just awaking him.

"God, did you just wake up?"

"Maybe......yes, why?"

"You have an extremely hot morning voice, Mr. Styles." A half chuckle is heard through the phone line. " Well if you haven't Peached by now it's Malory Davis." 


"Yea, it's my word I use it for like everything. In this case ' figured it out'. Anywho so I--"

"Wait, did you just say anywho? Who says that anymore?"

"Harold, I just did. Now would you stop interrupting me?"

"I'm sorry, continue. Please."  Harry said holding back a chuckle. Malory let out a sigh, more of a huff really.

"Right, I was wondering if you would like to go out, maybe grab a bit to eat, and talk?"

"I'd love too, Delgado's Pizzeria tonight at eight?"

"Sounds Peachy Meet-cha there?"

" Oh no. I'll be picking you up love. See you at eight. Oh and text my your address love. Bye now." He said ending the call with a smirk.

"What! Wait Harry! ERRRH!!" Malory quickly sent harry her address then through her phone on the bed and began to get ready.

 Well this is just a freaking peach dipped in chocolate and sent off to the market. Malory said as she looked through her closet. What am I going to wear???

Malory finally decided on a short-sleeve Crochet Floral Dress with a gold infinity necklace, Navy blue Toms and a small mint green satchel purse. Finally Malory did her hair in a partial french braid with the rest cascading down. She applied minimal make up and pink taffeta lipstick. [If you want to know what she looks like go to my movellas home page or my twitter there is a link up :)] 

Malory heard a knock at the door and headed down the hall to open it. Harry was awaiting her on the other side wearing a grey sweatshirt, dark blue jeans, with black and white vans. He chuckled.

"My eyes are up here Miss Davis" Blushing, Malory raised her eyes back to Harry's and gave him a million dollar smile.

"I much prefer down, shame, you should work on that." Harry calm features changing into a glare.

"Hey, millions of girls would rather look at my face."

" Oh really? See that's where your wrong pretty boy they want in your pants. It's that simple."

"They do not."

"Do too." 

"Do Not!"

"Have you been on twitter lately??" His face instantly scrunching up.

"No, why does that matter??" 

"Ha! Go look at it, better yet go look at those fan-ficti-----uh....oh."

"Fan-fictions? Huh? Has Miss Delilah read some?"

"No." She said softly. 

"Oh really? Have you read Dark? It's quite fantastic a little creepy yes but she really is a great writer."

"Can we go?" Malory asked twirling her thumbs and looking down, blushing even more hearing a chuckle from Harry.

"Well of Course. Right this way." Harry said smirking while leading the way back to his car.

It was about a half hour ride to reach Delgado's Pizzeria and the whole way Harry kept pestering a silent Malory on Fan-fictions. If she'd ever written any herself, Which one was her favorite, Who's her favorite fan-fiction author, ect. 

Finally, the Car pulled up to Delgado's Pizzeria and both Harry and Malory walked up the short walkway. Once the Pizzeria's doors were opened Malory was instantly hit with the mouth watering aroma of freshly baking pizza. It was just to die for. 

"Table for two?" Our waiter, named Jim asked.

"Yes, please." Harry said kindly.

"I'll give you two some time to look over the menu but what may I get you to drink, tonight?"

" Uh I'll have a Shirley Temple, please."

"Yes mam and for you sir?"

"Apple Juice." Jim smiles and walks away.

"SERIOULY! Apple Juice!" Malory says mocking Harry's tone of voice.






A/N: So both Malory's and Harry's outfit are on my homepage on here there is a link:)  and they are also on my twitter. Thank YOU GUYS SO MUCH FOR GETTING ME TO OVER 400 READS!!! YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW EXCITED I AM! =) so so so sorry that I haven't updated in forever but I've been super super busy with school starting up again and a stupid summer assignment and then marching band started *sigh* too busy. I know I know i'm a band geek so hush :) alright Bye Bye and Night Night My Little Turtles Xx I have got to get up at 5 A.M. to go to school then practice after. Love you all!

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