Hey There Delilah

Harry Styles Fanfic.
Delilah and Harry are hit my an on coming Semi. Harry Survives and is well but Delilah is forever scared of that fateful night and is now in Sunndy Shore Hospital for the mentally unstable. Harry stays with her and even visits her running on little to no sleep just to make sure she's okay. But there's only so much hope one can have until it drains into nothing. Malory Davis found Harry Styles and Delilah Evans that night. So when the life starts returning to him he is faced with an unsettling task. Break a Promise and a Heart or Just a Heart?

Bye Bye My Little Turttles XD


2. Leaving with New Meetings


“Harry you’re a good dancer!” laughed Delilah

“Well thank you” said Harry while spinning her around then dipping her. Harry leaned in close to kiss her ever so gracefully. Once their lips touch Harry's phone Vibrates. Harry's in the process of looking at who it is when then phone is slapped out of his hand.

“NO!” said Delilah sternly “I know what that phone call means and I won’t allow it! HARRY STYLES!!! YOU WILL NOT LEAVE ME!” Delilah says suddenly turning angry.

“Delilah…..” Harry’s voice fades not knowing what else to say. “Delilah…..you know I would never leave you. I’ll always be here with you. Forever and Always remember?” He says sadly. He hated this part.

“Forever and Always?” she asks as if for confirmation.

“Forever and Always.” Harry said reassuring her.

“Okay.” Delilah said in a small, weak voice. Harry picks his phone up off of the floor.

“I’m just going to see who it’s from.” Said Harry calmly. Louis great… sadly Harry says “Delilah, I have to go…” he gets cut off.

“NO!!!” Delilah yells

“LISTEN TO ME! I have to…” Delilah places her hands over her ears trying to block out Harrys next words. Harry sighs and slowly walks over to Delilah. He then removes her hands to her side. “But I don’t have to leave right now.” Delilah looks up at him wide eyed with tears rolling down her face. Harry wipes her tears away with his thumb gently.

“Okay” she said sniffling now. 

Twenty five minutes later a nurse comes into the room seeing that Delilah has fallen asleep, on his chest she quietly said “Visiting hours will be over in one hour.”

“Okay, thank you” Harry answers back softly. Harry slowly rises and carries Delilah to her bed. Placing Delilah on the bed slowly he said. “Sweet Dream my Delilah” And with that Harry kisses Delilah on the forehead and walks out of the room. He knows that she’ll be angry with him for not waking her to say good bye but he just couldn't handle her freaking out again. As Harry walks out of the room he is greeted by Mallory.



Harry slowly closes the door and turns around. Bumping into a blonde haired girl with blue eyes. “Oh sorry” Harry said with his hand out stretched as if to steady her if she where to fall.

“Oh no you’re okay I wasn't watching where I was going. I have a habit of that.” Mallory says lightly. Then realizing who she bumped into, She straightened up quickly moving away from him. “You’re…You’re…”

“Harry Styles, nice to meet you” He said offering her a hand to shake.

 “You’re the driver…….the driver that I found.” She said voice quivering. Stunned Harry just stares at her. Mumbling a little he finally says.

“I….uh…..I….Your Mallory?” He said stumbling for words.

“Yes.” She said in a small squeaky voice. After some silence Harry speaks

“Uh…Mallory if you don’t mind me asking why are you in Sunndy Shore?” Harry asks with a puzzled expression.

“Oh same reason as Delilah, Mental Trauma, of course I don’t have it as bad as Delilah. Just a lot of sleepless nights and I freak out because of little things, I can’t help it so my family put me in here so I wouldn't be a harm to me or others. ” Mallory said calmly, seeming to warm up to Harry.

“From our accident?” Harry asked sadly. Thinking that if she was in here to because of him he’d never forgive himself for ruining not just Delilah’s life but Mallory’s also.

“Oh no I went in to the army after I found you two. They sent me to Kuwait for two years. “

“Oh. I’m sorry.” Harry said sincerely

“No, don’t be I got to serve my country. I’m Proud.” Mallory said with a smile showing up on her face. ”So it has been two years since your accident if I’m correct? I saw Delilah today……How has she been doing?”

“Yes, two years and 7 months…………Delilah told me she met you today. How has Delilah been doing? I have to ask myself that every day. She’s the same, freaks out if she sees a flashlight in a dark room, has trouble with me leaving her, gets scared easily with random noises……..........but we’re working on it.” Harry said more to himself than to Mallory. To reassure himself that she was getting better he had to believe it himself first.

“She’ll get there just give her time.” Mallory said while slowly placing a hand on Harry’s shoulder.

“I know she will.” Harry said with a small smile forming on his face. Yawning Harry said “Sorry, I've been at the studio all morning……” Harry looks down at his watch, “It’s ten already?!?! I should go I have to be at the studio tomorrow by 4.” Harry said again with a yawn.

“Alright it was nice meeting you, Harry Styles, goodbye.” Mallory said with an out stretched hand. Harry taking her hand and shaking it, grateful for meeting Mallory.

“It was a pleasure meeting you……and thank you I owe both Delilah’s and my own life to you.” Harry said turning away from Mallory to leave.

“NIGHT, HARRY!” Mallory yelled to him. Harry stops and turns back around and gives Mallory one of his beloved smiles, turns back around and continues walking down the blue corridor. As Harry reaches the front desk Sharon says to him.

“Goodnight Harry.”

“Goodnight Sharon.” Harry Replies with a smile and presses the elevator’s button. Once the elevator arrives Harry steps in and presses the button leading to the garage. 


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