Hey There Delilah

Harry Styles Fanfic.
Delilah and Harry are hit my an on coming Semi. Harry Survives and is well but Delilah is forever scared of that fateful night and is now in Sunndy Shore Hospital for the mentally unstable. Harry stays with her and even visits her running on little to no sleep just to make sure she's okay. But there's only so much hope one can have until it drains into nothing. Malory Davis found Harry Styles and Delilah Evans that night. So when the life starts returning to him he is faced with an unsettling task. Break a Promise and a Heart or Just a Heart?

Bye Bye My Little Turttles XD


3. *****Author's note******

I just wanted to say THANK YOU ALL for reading my story!!! Yes this is my first movella that i have posted on here but not the first story that i have ever written. I do have this story planned out and for those of you who stick around it'll be worth it XD. Anyway sorry i didn't get a chance to update yesterday but I will be in a few minutes. I WANT TO WISH ALL OF YOU A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS or HANUKKAH<3 Please give feedback!



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