Miss Independent

A girl named Katherine is in love with her boyfriend Jason who may just be temporary. Jason bought Katherine tickets to see one direction in Chesire London. As shes there she gets ganged up by Jason's friends but she doesnt know that she just things its random boys. They try to beat her up but Zayn comes in and saves her. Jason thinks that she is cheating on him with Zayn which she isnt. But later on in the future she finds out that Jason planned all that so he beats Katherine up. Zayn may save her or she may just die.


8. The attack

Katherine's P.O.V

We got out the car walking to the stage when we saw this boy running from fans. He has blond hair and was short a bit.

"Kate there goes Niall running from fans, wait look there are the others" she said pointing to the other 4 running behind Niall Security was everywhere this place is jammed pack! Plus the concert doesn't start for another 30 minutes.

"Excuse me girls do you girls have tickets for sound check?" This guy asked us I guess he's the one running everything.

"Uhh yea"

"Alright follow me please" we followed the man as he led us to the stage. He then left so me and Dakota just sat there waiting.

"Hey!!" I saw a curly haired boy full of excitement waving to us.


"What's your name?"

"I'm Katherine and that's Dakota"

"Lovely names" I saw the other 4 boys coming in I guess we just sit here while we watch them do their sound check.


When they was doing their sound check man was they acting like idiots. Pushing an rolling on the floor laughing.

"Come on girls lets have fun" they pulled me and Dakota up spinning us around and lifting us up. They gave us piggy back rides as we laughed our asses off. I never had so much fun before.

"Let's play leap frog!!!" Niall shouted Harry bent over and everyone jumped over him except Niall who rolled off him haha.

"So girls how old are you?" Liam asked us

"We're both 17"

"Oh that's cool!"


"We really like you girls your so calm and normal you treat us as if we're normal too and I like that. You never screamed or fainted in front of us." Zayn said, Madison was right zayn was beautiful but I can't have him.

"Oh I think your just as normal as us so why should I scream haha"

"Your really cute " zayn said to me I think I started blushing a bit.

"Thank you" They boys kept elbowing him as if their sayin oh you like her try to get with her that kind of type of elbowing that boys do. All zayn did was shake his head laughing. His laugh was pretty cute I like it.

"We'll sadly we have to start the show so we will see you girls at the meet and great!" They said and we nodded our heads waving bye to them as we walked off the show.

Show still didn't start for 10 minutes but they had to get ready.

"Hey Kate ill be back I'm going to go find a bathroom ok?"

"Alright" I stood by the fence close to the stage as I saw these boys with hoods coming up to me. It was almost night time and they all blended in a bit.

"Are you flirting with Zayn up there? Huh" one of them pushed me up against the fence as they circled around me.

"Leave me alone"

"Come on ass hole don't you have a boyfriend and your flirting with one of those boys up there" one of them slapped their hand across my face.

They all ganged up on me and I had a loud scream. Everything went down so fast all I saw was zayn standing in front of me helping me up.

"Are you ok?"

"I don't know"

I saw Dakota running towards me.

"What happened I heard a loud scream!"

"I was attacked by those boys I don't know what they wanted from me" my face and stomach was hurting I think one of them kicked me in the stomach.

"Can you stand up for 1 more hour or so?" Zayn asked me

"I guess you need to get to your stage so you can perform I'm fine don't worry about me" zayn had those sympathy eyes and then he walked away running to the stage.

Why was I attacked and one of those boys voices sounded formilar but I couldn't put my finger on it.

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