Miss Independent

A girl named Katherine is in love with her boyfriend Jason who may just be temporary. Jason bought Katherine tickets to see one direction in Chesire London. As shes there she gets ganged up by Jason's friends but she doesnt know that she just things its random boys. They try to beat her up but Zayn comes in and saves her. Jason thinks that she is cheating on him with Zayn which she isnt. But later on in the future she finds out that Jason planned all that so he beats Katherine up. Zayn may save her or she may just die.


17. Sleeping beauty

Ok guys before your read I had got this chapter back kind of lost it but found it and I wrote the same chapter over but differently anyways this is the original one hope you like this one. :)


Harry's P.O.V

I was driving to the hospital as I saw helicopters and other police cars heading to Katherine's house. I can't be bother by that at this moment I must get Zayn from jail.


I made my way inside the jail and I saw Zayn sitting with a police officer. I went to the office area to sign some papers to bring him with me.

"Where's Katherine?" He asked me as we were heading out to the car. "Umm she's in the hospital"


"Look you will most likely be on the news! Katherine's house is covered with helicopters and police officers maybe some news stations" we pulled up to the hospital and going inside.

"Hello how can I help you?" The lady at the desk said.

"We are looking for Katherine vega" I said politely

"Oh yes she's in room 174" she said while pointing down the hall.

"Ok thank you" we made our way down the hall as we backed up seeing the doctors trying to save Katherine's mom. I looked at Zayn who shook his head as we kept going to room 174. We walked into her room as we heard all the machines on her. There was a clip board on her bed saying what she has.

Patient Katherine Vega

1. Passed out due to lungs collapses. This is the second time this has happened to her.

2. Lost to much oxygen in her brain leading her to a coma.

Coma, coma... Those words floated in my head as I saw Zayn pace back and forth and sat on the chair with his hands on his head.

"Hey look she will be ok?

She may forget some things but she will be ok!" I tried comforting but he started to cry. It's hard watching him cry.

" you know what if she never wakes up.....what if she stays like that" Zayn whispered under his breath.

"We'll if she stays like that...... Just.... Just don't forget about her" it was breath taking for me to say that because the words hurt. Of course he wouldn't forget her he loves her but she doesn't know.

"This girl that I love is now in the same place she was earlier today, how can I protect her if this is all happening!l Zayn cover his face with his hands as he cried. I feel bad for him really bad.

"I'm going to write her a letter" Zayn said as he sniffled


It was about 2am and Zayn finished his letter for Katherine.

Dear Katherine, You may not know me, you may remember me, I'm Zayn Malik the boy who saved you from things that had happened to you. You have never know this but I always loved you. I tried protecting you but you keep getting hurt. I can't loose my Cinderella, but right now your my sleeping beauty. You will wake I promise you that! I just want you to know I care and love you, your my life my everything I can't live with out you.

XX Zayn

He placed it in her hand lightly as he kissed her forehead a goodbye.

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