Miss Independent

A girl named Katherine is in love with her boyfriend Jason who may just be temporary. Jason bought Katherine tickets to see one direction in Chesire London. As shes there she gets ganged up by Jason's friends but she doesnt know that she just things its random boys. They try to beat her up but Zayn comes in and saves her. Jason thinks that she is cheating on him with Zayn which she isnt. But later on in the future she finds out that Jason planned all that so he beats Katherine up. Zayn may save her or she may just die.


9. Phone call

Katherine's P.O.V

Me and Dakota was in the very front of the stage and zayn kept staring at me and so did the others but it mainly was zayn. Yeah I'm holding my stomach an all but I'm alright I'm just a little bruised up. The concert was over and me and Dakota slowly walked to the back stage.

"Hey girls Katherine you ok?" Liam asked

"Yea I'm fine just a little bruised from being kicked in the stomach" they all stared at me with those sympathy eyes.

My phone started to ring it was Jason.


"Hey babe how was the concert"

"It was nice until I was attacked by these group of boys!"

"OMG you was attacked are you alright?!??"

"Yeah I'm fine zayn saved me from them I'm just a little bruised up"

"Oh well have fun bye babe love you!"

"Ok bye love you too" Everyone was looking at me.

Wait why Jason in such a rush to get off the phone when he asked me if I was ok?

"Was that your boyfriend?" Harry asks

"Yea" I saw in zayns eyes the hurting he had after I said yea.

"Hey I have to go but y don't we all plan a day to hang out! Wouldn't that be fun" they all smiled in excitement from it.

"Yea alright how about Sunday?" They said

"Yea we will see you boys Sunday!"


I got home and my stomach finally stopped hurting like crazy but Jason texted me saying he wanted to see me tomorrow so I'm going to go see him!

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