Miss Independent

A girl named Katherine is in love with her boyfriend Jason who may just be temporary. Jason bought Katherine tickets to see one direction in Chesire London. As shes there she gets ganged up by Jason's friends but she doesnt know that she just things its random boys. They try to beat her up but Zayn comes in and saves her. Jason thinks that she is cheating on him with Zayn which she isnt. But later on in the future she finds out that Jason planned all that so he beats Katherine up. Zayn may save her or she may just die.


6. Morning

Katherine's P.O.V

Soon I have to take me and a friend to a one direction concert since Jason bought me meet and greet. Who would I take with me I don't want to take Madison because she'll just freak the boys out. I guess I'll just take Dakota with me since she likes them too. Yea that's what I'll do. I grabbed my phone that was on my cherry wood table.

Oh Jason has texted me something.

Jason: " Good morning lovely I hope that you have a great morning and a great day. Love you <3"

Oh he usually never sends me good morning text well isn't this one sweet.

Me:" aww thanks babe same for you and love you loads! <3"

Now I have to text Dakota asking her of she would like to go and if she says no I'm taking Madison.

Me:" hey Dakota I was wondering if you like to go see one direction live in concert with me also I have meet and greet tickets :D"

I wonder what you say at a meet and greet thing. Do you hug them or do they ask you questions or do you ask them questions like how does this all work?

"Kate sweetie I'm going to the mall is there anything that you like?" My mom was at my door.

"Ummm can you buy me two new shirts please, If you can"

"Sure thing, well bye sweet heart ill be back probably in 2 hour or so so breakfast is on the table"

"Alright thanks mom drive safely" My mom walked back downstairs and out the door.

My dad he's not home today he went on a business trip to Hawaii. Hope he's having fun and tanning it up while he can haha.

Dakota:" yea I'd love to come!"

Yay Dakota is going to come with me I won't be alone!

Me:"yay we'll have so much fun there! Maybe haha"

Dakota:" yeah haha well I gtg Alex is over :) bye <3"

Me:"ok bye <3"

Seems like her and Alex is hitting it off quite nicely.

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