Miss Independent

A girl named Katherine is in love with her boyfriend Jason who may just be temporary. Jason bought Katherine tickets to see one direction in Chesire London. As shes there she gets ganged up by Jason's friends but she doesnt know that she just things its random boys. They try to beat her up but Zayn comes in and saves her. Jason thinks that she is cheating on him with Zayn which she isnt. But later on in the future she finds out that Jason planned all that so he beats Katherine up. Zayn may save her or she may just die.


4. Apology

Katherine P.O.V

I had a serious headache and I knew what happened last night.... Well not how I got home?!?!

Jason: "hey babe!"

Me: "hi -.-"

Jason:" what's wrong?"

Me:" oh nothing you was just fucking a girl last night while I almost got raped! You said you wouldn't get drunk and you lied to me!"

Jason:"I'm sorry babe!"

Me:" ya ok"

Jason:" come on you can't still be mad at me if i was drunk!"


Jason:":( I love you!"


Jason:":(, can u meet me at the park in 20 minutes please?"


Jason:"thank u"


Man I'm pissed off at him! But I will go see what he wants for me at the park! Now I have to wake up and get dressed. It's the end of October so I guess I can wear..... Boots and skinny jeans and a quarter sleeve shirt. Good enough for me. I ran out the door heading my way to the park. Jason better have wasted my time for a good reason!

****** at the park

"Ok I'm here what could u possibly want?!?!" I yelled at him

"I wanted to say I'm sorry also I got you something" he pulled out a big box behind him handing it to me. I sat down next to him on the bench opening the gift.

"What is it?"

"U have to open it to see" I open the box seeing a cute shirt, ugg boots, a beanie, a necklace saying love, a charm bracelet and one direction tickets for meet and greet......... Then a note at the bottom.

I'm sorry babe for doing what I did and for not listening to you. I know I was wrong and everything but the thing is I love you and I will never stop loving you. Your my life and I would be heart broken forever if you was to leave me because of my stupid mistakes. Please babe I love you and I hope you know that I'm truly sorry! I'm speechless, he bought such expensive things for me then he writes a sweet love note to me. I guess I was a little harsh on him.

"I'm sorry for yelling at you and I love you too babe!" I hug him tightly then I kiss him.

"Just one thing you will never hurt me again correct?"


I knew those words wouldn't last forever but hey can you give me infinity or no?

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