Neon Book 1: Murder

Neon doesn't have such a bright life despite her name. Without her parents she must take on her dad's job as a detective. Strange things occur in her town. The answers lie ahead.


4. New Clues

Well Mr.Fern is off the suspect list. Who else knows Nancy? I get a phone call from the police department. Off I go.

     When I get there they seem to be inpsecting a knife. Must be the murder weapon...

"Thank goodness you're here. We dusted the knife for any fingerprints but seems like the person whore thick gloves. There seemed to be some blood on the knife which is probably Nancy's." Says Officer Penn.

"Oh I see, If you don't mind I have sme business to attend to." I say.

"Sure. We'll call you I we need you." Officer Penn says.

I rush out of the police dpartment. Where should I investigate? Maybe I'll go to Nancy's High school...

School is obviously out. When I get there, I'm supposed to show my ID,so I do. I see some teachers in the hallways otherwise it's very quiet. I talk to Mrs.Berg, aka Nancy's homeroom teacher.

"Hi, I'm Detective Neon Nancy's friend. I would like to know more about Nancy." I say.

"Hi Neon, Nancy was a good student, had great grades and was quiet. I recall once she told me about a problem with a bully. I think she resolved it." She says.

"Anything else? Did Nancy have any enemies or something?" I say.

"Um, no not really but the bullies' name was Clover Por. She says.

"Thank you, do you happen to know the address?" I say.

She explains the address and then I go home.

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