Neon Book 1: Murder

Neon doesn't have such a bright life despite her name. Without her parents she must take on her dad's job as a detective. Strange things occur in her town. The answers lie ahead.


3. Hard Evidence

Examining the photos reveal that Nancy has been stabbed once on her leg. I probably suppose the killer did that so she couldn't run. Then multiple stab wounds on her back. It feels kind of creepy looking at these photos of a real dead person.

I send the blood sample to a lab uptown for some testing. It will probably take about three weeks.

I open up my notebook to read the notes. I basically have the same things the officers wrote down.

Now a place to start...oh yes that strange neighbor, Mr.Fern. So far I know that he keeps his lights off and has a candle in the basement he lights up during the night. Sounds like he has a electricity problem, which sounds reasonable since he moved just a few days ago and lives in a old house.

I head over, time for questions. Knocking on the door would seem like a good idea since I hypothesized that he does not have electricity, but I ring the doorbell. I can hear the doorbell sound inside. So that means my hypothesis was incorrect, he does have electricity.

"Hello, Mr.Fern. my name is Neon and I live over there. Nice to meet you." I say.

"Why Hello Neon, won't you come inside." He says.

I step inside and the house smells like green tea. Quite a pleasant fragrance I should say.

"Sit down over there, while I make some tea."

I take a seat and look around. The walls are filled with famous quotes. I notice he has shelves of books. Mostly classics and medal awarded books. The house seems normal. Mr.Fern comes in with a tray of assorted biscuits and 2 cups of tea. I take one cup.

"Thank you Mr.Fern." I say.

"Oh no problem. What is that you have come for.?" He says.

"I have some questions I would like to ask." I say.

"Go on." He says.

"Why do you keep your lights off and use a candle in the basement only at night?" I ask.

"Keeping the lights off help me focus writing books. I'm an author who writes poetry. I use a candle because I like to write at night." He says.

"I see...Do you know anything about the Canes? I ask.

"Oh yes. They are quite nice. I remember the police going to their house today. I came over just about when you were leaving." He says.

"Oh yes. I should be getting back now, bye." I say.

"Come again." He says.

I walk back home. Mr.Fern doesn't have anything to do with this...or does he?

Well I can decide in the morning. I'm so tired.




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