Neon Book 1: Murder

Neon doesn't have such a bright life despite her name. Without her parents she must take on her dad's job as a detective. Strange things occur in her town. The answers lie ahead.


2. First Case

I decided I would start the business today. I had everything my father used to have when he was still doing the job. I didn't expect a crime this early.

Mrs.Cane came in crying. She used to be my father's friend. "What has happened Mrs.Cane?" I asked. "It's just terrible. My daughter has been stabbed several times in the back." She said. "Well then I guess I will have to see."

I arrive at Mrs.Cane's house. I see the police have arrived on the scene. Officer Penn greets me. He used to work with my father. I walk over to the kitchen. Murder actually does look like the movies except that Nancy Cane (Mrs.Cane's daughter) has a terrified expression. She's sprawled on the floor with blood gushing down her back. It's a unpleasant sight but seems very interesting.

Some of the officers are taking pictures very closely while the others are jotting down some descriptions of the victim. I knew Nancy Cane before she died. She was a nice quiet girl who seemed to not have any friends. She stayed to herself mostly and enjoyed reading. It was hard to imagine someone having anything against her but well a crime is a crime.

I quickly take pictures, notes and a blood sample. Now for questioning. I always loved that part.

Mrs.Cane when and where did this happen. "Well I was upstairs making the beds and someone had locked me in the room. I heard footsteps running down the stairs. Then there was screaming. I had to do something so I took out my axe that I always keep under my bed. I smashed the door and ran downstairs. Nancy was just lying there, dead and the murderer was no where to be seen. I called the cops and came to you." she replied.

"Anyone you would suspect to commit something like that." I say. "Oh no, no one I know would do something like that. Mr.Fern moved in a few days ago. I doubt that he will have anything to do with this. He is kind of strange. He never turns on the lights and keeps a candle lit in his basement during the night."Mrs.Cane says.

"Okay then, I will give the full attention this case deserves. If anything happens lately please call me." I say.

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