Neon Book 1: Murder

Neon doesn't have such a bright life despite her name. Without her parents she must take on her dad's job as a detective. Strange things occur in her town. The answers lie ahead.


1. Intro

Montgomery was a quiet place. Too quiet... School had ended for the Summer and many people left elsewhere. Those who stayed had always stayed. I was one of them. I never stepped out of Montgomery, Alabama in my entire life, nor will ever.

My full name is Neon Free. I'm not what my name says. My parents died when I was really young. I can't recall that much. It happened all too fast. My mom died because of cardiac arrest. She had heart problems. My dad died from a car accident, too much blood loss. For some reason they both died in the same week. It was my birthday week, when I was turning 13.

I live with my Butler, Mister. I don't have any siblings. I inherit my family's fortune although Mister manages most of it. He was a math person.

Crimes do happen. Sometimes even when you least expect them to. Some are planned out while others are not.

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