Truly, Madly, Deeply

Alyssa Hall is a singer/actress in the making. One day she receives a phone call from a guy from England, who invites her to be in a music video for a hot boy band. When she arrives in London, she discovers who it is she is going to be working with. One Direction and a really hot guy from Miami. Does this go as smoothly as planned? Probably not.


1. 1

  I drove down the busy road to the store. I had some stuff I needed for mine and my best friend/roommate, Ellie's, girls night in. We rarely did anything together anymore due to the fact we both led busy lives.

  Ellie was a writer. Not an author, but a writer. She had always loved reading and writing, but had only gotten a job working for Craze, the most popular magazine in the country, a couple months ago. She has a column that she calls Celebrity Swish. I don't know how she came up with it, but people love it. Ellie's column was named best of the year, so she has crazy publicity.

   Me, on the other hand, I am an actor/singer.So far I haven't made the big time. I've been in a few commercials, and I've auditioned for multiple TV shows and movies, but had only been an extra or a very small minor role. Am I gonna give up? No. Definitely not. This is my dream, and I had been doing it for so long. I just had to keep trying and I knew I would make it. 

   I pulled into the crowded parking lot of the store and found an empty space. I hurried inside to grab whatever it was we needed. I bought potato chips, soda, and a few movies. The Woman In Black, The Vow, And The Amazing Spider man. Neither of us had seen them, but they looked good in the commercials, so why not? 

   I hurried back to our apartment and ran to our room. Apartment number 1D on the 13th floor. I opened the door and looked around for Ellie. She was in the kitchen hanging up the phone. She ran towards me and enveloped me in a hug. "Ready for the funnest night ever?!" I yelled.

  She giggled and said, "Well yeah! Whats better than hanging with your best friend?" We both laughed and she said, "Someone called for you, and I hung up right before you walked in the door. You should probably call them back," 

   I just laughed and replied, "I can do that tomorrow, but right now I'm gonna give my bestie a makeover."   We both ran into the living room and dumped all of our makeup onto the floor. I plugged in my straightener and started doing her makeup. I then straightened her hair, then she did the same to me, except she curled my hair. 

   When we looked in the mirror, we looked like each other. We both had our different styles, and it was weird seeing them on the other's face. We popped popcorn and put in The Woman in Black. We ate almost all of the food before it was over, because we both ate when we were scared. After that we watched the Amazing Spider Man. Then The Vow, which we both fell asleep while watching it.

    I hoped one day that would be me on the big screen, but for now I just had to keep dreaming and working for it.  


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