Senior Reilly Benner and her fellow class mates win a "once in a lifetime" trip: Their very own cruise with One Direction. Though Reilly is no fan, she decides to go anyways and turns out happy that she decided to. Soon, her classmates find that even she is worthy.


3. Midnight SnackBar

(11: 29 P.M.)

     My stomach's growling and tightening woke me up. That meal just wasn't enough. I still heard the thump of music upstairs from the "First Night Party". Eventually, I got up and slipped on my ducky slippers. I met a few people going down the hall, but they paid me no attention. They seemed a little tipsy, which puzzled me.

     My slender fingers wrapped around the handle to the snackbar and pulled the door open. One glance revealed that all the food was stored away except for a few bags of chips, which I grabbed. I sat at the table closest to the window, stuffing my face, when I saw some one open the door. I wasn't surprized that it was Niall, Serah had explained him as the bottomless pit.

     He glanced over the empty snack bar, rubbing his stomach. Then he faced me, one eyebrow raised. I giggled a little and held out a bag of chips. He sat in the chair opposite of me and began stuffing his face. I couldn't help but smell the alcohol on his breath. Then it hit me, "Ohhhh. The Bahamas!" I announced.

     He looked at me dumbfoundedly, "What yah mean?" He said inbetween mouthfulls of food. I began to talk but a couple of my classmates slammed into the glass wall. No doubt they were drunk. I kept my eyes on them as I talked, "Nothing, I just forgot that you only have to be 18 to drink in the Bahamas."

     I felt Niall watching me, but I didn't dare look his way. He spoke up, "Seems like your mates can't handle their liquor." I reached my hand into the chip bag, and not caring to look like a pig, shoved a handful of chips into my mouth. I peaked at him, expecting to see a look of disgust, but he wore one of awe.

     After about five minutes of small talk and three empty bag of chips, some of my drunk classmates barged in. "Niall!" They shrilled and stumbled over to him. I sighed with disgust and stood from my seat. Niall grabbed my wrist but his hand was pulled away as a drunk girl tripped over a chair and crashed into me. "Oh, sorry, Reilly." She slurred. I mumbled, "No worries," and headed back to my room.  

     When I got there, Claire and her boyfriend just so happened to be making out on my bed. I let out an aggrivated huff and trugged up to the pool.

     It was surprizingly empty, I noticed that everyone was in the Lounge, dancing. I found a nice, comfortable lounge chair near the side of the boat and I sat on it. The night was warm and couldn't be more comfortable. I layed my head back and observed the few stars that were visible because of the lights (Which were dimmed). All I could hear was the rythmic pattern of the water crashing against the boat, and ofcourse the dull thumping of the music coming from the Lounge. I closed my eyes for a bit, close to falling asleep, when the Lounge doors opened and music blared out. I glanced over to see many people coming out. Then, instinctively, I looked at the stairs and saw Niall walking up them. His gaze met mine and I was sure he would come chat with me. Only he didn't, he made his way into the Lounge. Why was I disapointed?


--Niall's Point of View--


     Finally, after about ten mintues, I got away from the drunk girls. I kind of figured that this cruise would make me feel normal for the length of it, seeing as the people would get used to us being here. It was only the first night, maybe things would relax a bit.

     When I left the SnackBar, I checked the theatre and game room for Reilly. I don't know why but I didn't want to go to bed without telling her goodnight. I pushed my hands deep in my pockets and slowely made my way up to the main deck. Maybe Reilly wasn't interested in me at all. The way she just left when those girls came in, and the way she didn't seem to like any of us 1D too much. I wanted her to. That's what sent my heart racing: the fact that she treats me like any other normal guy. I like that.

     Just as this thought ran through my mind, I looked up and saw Reilly layed out on a lounge chair. She was already looking into my eyes, and it sent my thoughts stumbling. I paused for a second, ready to walk over to her, but she turned her head away. Yep, deffinitely not interested. I then walked into the Lounge. Why was I disapointed?

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