Senior Reilly Benner and her fellow class mates win a "once in a lifetime" trip: Their very own cruise with One Direction. Though Reilly is no fan, she decides to go anyways and turns out happy that she decided to. Soon, her classmates find that even she is worthy.


2. Dinner with One Direction

(3:13 P.M.)

     The day was still young, even after we unpacked. Claire wanted to go to the pool, but Serah and I had rather go exploring. We left the bottom deck and headed to the closest attraction: the game room. I hadn't noticed that before. Inside were bright lights and multiple TV's hooked up to consoles. A few of the guys were playing Call of Duty. There were some girls playing twister to the left of the tables were card games were held.

     After a round of UNO, Serah, Claire, and I decided to go check out the theatre. It was huge, seating about 90 people at the least. The chairs were navy, and the walls deep green. Twilight was playing so we left immediantly.

     Further down the hall, we passed a guy in a hood. He turned to a room that looked like a indoor tennis court. I stopped to look inside from the glass walls just when he entered and removed his hood. Serah jumped, "Oh my God."

     I jumped as well and grabbed her arm, "What? What happend?" I asked, worried. She was looking in the tennis court and grinning widely, "That's Niall Horan!" She shrilled. I let her go and began walking up the hall. As soon as I did, tons of our class mates joined her at the window and Niall turned and waved at them. I caught his eye just before I went out of sight, and I couldn't stop myself from smiling. He's kind of cute.

     Just across from the tennis court, there was a snack bar. I observed from outside the glass walls. Man, it seemed like this ship was made mostly of glass. Anyways, the snack bar had frozen yogurt, coffee, books, and a sign that said "free wifi". I made a mental note of the latter and kept walking.

    I came across some stairs that took me to the main deck, where I immediantly saw a pool (with a twisty slide), a hot tub, and a performance stage (where I figured 1D would be spending most of their time). Immediantly behind the stage was a room surrounded by glass. I walked over to it and realised it was a bar and lounge. There were a few people dancing. Further back was the kitchen and dining area, followed by the (gaurded) stairs that led up to the master suites. AKA 1D's. Above the pool, 1D had a balcony that reached over. Just as I began walking away, the same guy I made eye contact with before boarding the ship trotted down the stairs and walked pass me. Not before patting me on the back and smirking at me first. When he reached the main pool, girls screamed, what I guessed to be his name, "Harry". He shimmied out of his shirt and stood with his back facing the pool. His gaze met mine and he winked at me before doing a backflip.

     The heck does this kid think he is? My face grew hot with agitation, and I made my way over to the bow of the ship, where I was alone. The sun was high in the sky, and I was already bored with this cruise.


(4:45 P.M.)

     When Serah found me, I was in the snack bar reading on my Kindle. She grabbed my arm and squealed, "I played tennis with Niall and Louis!" Without looking up I stated, "That's great." Serah sat down in the chair beside me and sighed, "Look, Reilly, there are countless girl out there who would kill to be here for fifteen minutes. Can't you atleast make some fun out of it?"

     I sat up and shut off my Kindle. Serah may be right, but I wasn't going to admit to it. Besides, I wasn't going to treat those boys any different from the ones in my class. "Fine," I said dully and began reading again. She wasn't satisfied, "Reilly, you're beautiful, you know that?" she stated more than asked. I peaked at her over my Kindle, "What do you want?" I asked suspiciously. She grinned and batted her eyelashes. "Niall and Liam are single," She said with a smirk and then added, "So are Reilly and Serah."

     "Oh, ha ha." I said sarcastically, returning my attention to my book. "Look," said Serah. "All I'm sayin' is that a lot can happen in two weeks." I looked up at her and stuck out my tongue. About that time, the blond one walked in. He nodded at us and walked over to the snacks. "Which one is that?" I whispered. He must have heard me because he stuffed his face and came over to me, "I'm Horan," He said as crumbs fell from his mouth. "Niall Horan." He struck a pose and held out his hand. I shook it and introduced myself, "Reilly Benner." He froze at my touch and looked me in the eyes, all humor gone from his expression. The door to the snack bar opened and an unfamiliar guy stepped in. "Ohh, Nialler." He said, humorously. "You are needed in the King Suite." Niall looked at him and then back at me, smiling. My hand was still in his.

     Serah smiled at the unfamiliar guy and waved. He returned the geusture. Niall let go of my hand and mumbled, "Dammit, Louis. The first pretty girl I talk to and you go inturupting me." That's when I noticed his Irish accent.

     I was still looking at the door as Serah began freaking out, "Did you see that?!" She jumped infront of me and shrilled. I was still a little lost in Niall's eyes. I shook my head to clear my thoughts. and Serah pulled me up, "Come on. Ahh! We have to get you ready."

(5:23 P.M.)

     I was sitting in a rolly chair as Serah curled my hair and explained to me who each 1D member was when Claire walked in. She looked at us funny and Serah burst out in shrills, "CLAIRE! OHMIGOD!" I reached up and pinched Serah's arm. She calmed down a little and mumbled, "Sorry. Claire, you'll never guess who is taking a liking to Reilly."

     Claire stood in the doorway for a minute and scratched at her chin, "Umm--" Before she could even guess, Serah blurted out, "NIALL!" Claire dropped her phone and sat down on the bed, "Tell me everything," She said.

     I rolled my eyes and sighed, "He only introduced himself to me," I said harshly. I was already a bit annoyed with this whole 1D crap. Maybe I shouldn't have came on this cruise. "Serah is just freaking out about it," I added. Serah dropped my hair and joined Claire on the bed, "Didn't you see the way he looked at you? Or hear what he said when Louis came in?"

    I got up and put my hands on her face, "Honey, do you know how many girls he does that to a day? I don't consider myself special." I don't. Serah looked at Claire and rolled her eyes, then she returned her attention to my hair.

     Claire spoke up, "What are you guys going to wear?" Before I could even say that I was wearing a tee and some jeans, Serah exclaimed, "Reilly is going to wear my pretty beige and green dress with my nude pumps." Then she added more quietly, "Green is Niall's favorite color."

     Words couldn't describe the look I gave her. "What in the hell are you talking about? I'm wearing my favorite "I <3 Daryl" (Walking Dead FTW!) tee and my skinnies," I said as Claire walked into the bathroom. "No," Serah stated. "This is supposed to be formal."

     I stood up and pulled out my sandals embedded with gems, "Fine then. I'll wear these instead of my combat boots." Serah sighed and pinched her temples, "Reilly, your hair is curled and you are wearing to much makeup for that, for God's sake."

     I went and looked in a mirror. My hair fell in chocolate wringlets down to my breasts--where I'll be wearing my Daryl shirt--, my baby blue eyes were rimmed with black eyeliner and mascara, and my freckles were covered with foundation. I grimmaced at my reflection and stated, "Then I'll just take off my makeup and put my hair up." I began to do so but Claire stopped me, "You'll look fine," She said with a smile.

(6:03 P.M.)

     Claire and Serah raced down the halls in order to make it to the Dining Hall in time, while I strolled down the hall in my tee, skinies, and combat boots. When I reached the main deck, I debated on jumping in the pool rather than go eat with a bunch of people who really don't like me, but Brett grabbed my arm and pulled me to the Dining Hall. "Nice," He said, pointing to my attire. I struck a pose and pushed out my lips. He wasn't dressed up either.

     When I entered the Dining Hall, everyone looked at me, but I ignored them and took a seat at the furthest table. I looked up and noticed that Niall was at the next table infront of me. I met his gaze and then quickly looked away. Great.

     I looked at the guy who stuck his head in the snack bar and got Niall. I nodded at him and looked at Serah, "Louis?" I asked, she nodded. I spotted the one who I saw before I boarded ship, "Liam?" I asked. Serah shook her head and whispered, "No, that one's Harry." She pointed to the one sitting next to Niall who had light brown hair and brown eyes, "That one is Liam," She said. I spotted the last one. That must be Zayn. He had nice hair.

(6:37 P.M.)

    Right after the food was served--a small parcle of meat and a few green beans-- 1D stood up and made a toast to us. I didn't raise my glass. They sat back down and my eyes found Niall. He was already looking my way. I held his gaze for a moment, but then we both looked down at our food at the same time. He noticed and laughed.

     As I ate my food, I let my mind ponder. What if Niall was interested? It was too early to tell but, hey, a lot could happen in two weeks.

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