Senior Reilly Benner and her fellow class mates win a "once in a lifetime" trip: Their very own cruise with One Direction. Though Reilly is no fan, she decides to go anyways and turns out happy that she decided to. Soon, her classmates find that even she is worthy.


1. Welcome Aboard

(2:11 P.M.)

     The cruise ship was HUGE; I hadn’t ever seen one before. An excited tremble went up my spine and a grin found my face. Serah, my best friend, stepped up beside me, her polka-dotted suitcase in hand. “Someone should pinch me,” She mumbled. I followed her gaze to a small crowd of paparazzi surrounding what I guessed to be One Direction. I rolled my eyes and began to walk closer to the ramp leading up to the cruise ship, but Serah grabbed my wrist with her free hand, “Don’t you want to see this?” 
     I responded with an “are you kiddin’ me” face. Fame is so freaking over rated. Those boys standing over there were just as important as I was. She shrugged and walked over to where the crowd was forming. When I turned back to the cruise ship, I saw that all the boys in my class were standing beside me. I guessed that they were just as excited as I was to see One Direction.

     Finally, after about ten minutes of waiting, the paparazzi parted to make way for One Direction to board ship, the girls not three feet behind. They made their way to the ramp and waited for access to be cleared. I made eye contact with one: curly brown hair, green eyes, huge smile, and rolled my eyes. He raised his eyebrows and chuckled. I couldn’t hear myself think over the girly shrills--Serah included.

     “Reilly,” I heard Brett, my second bestfriend, say. I turned to him and raised my eyebrows. “You’ve got to be the realest chick out here.” The other guys chuckled and agreed. I felt my cheeks grow a little warm.

     I shrugged and giggled, “I try.” I turned back around to the girls freaking out. “My God. Don’t they realise that they have a whole two weeks alone with these kids?”

     The guys sighed and rolled their eyes. One spoke up “That’s what is making me second guess this whole thing. All those idiots acting like this.”

     By that time, it was cleared and we were ready to board ship. We climbed the ramp slowly (Behind One Direction) and stepped off on the ship, looking around in awe. It looked so expensive and breakable. AKA, horrible option for our class. One time, in ninth grade, our class took a trip to Washington, D.C. Needless to say, we got kicked out of two separate hotels and left a few holes in the third one. I laughed at the memory and proceeded further onto the ship.

     Our class was instructed to the lower deck where our rooms were (1D was on the highest level--away from wanderers). As we made our way down we passed the Lounge, dining area, pool, and theatre. The guys and I were in awe over the ship; whereas, the girl were in awe over One Direction.  

     The boys were on one side of the hall and the girls on the other. Our chaperones lost the room chart, so we all sat in the hall chatting while they arranged it. Finally, we were given our room numbers--I was paired with Serah and Claire(Another friend) in room 349. We went in our room and put our stuff away, shortly to find out that there was a note on one of the three beds. It read: “Hello there, students of Shady Grove High. Welcome aboard! Meet us at the dining hall at 6:00 p.m.” Included was three autographed pictures. About that time, shrills from the surrounding rooms filled the lower deck. I moaned and fell onto the middle bed. This was going to be a long vacation.


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