Don't Leave Me

Harry has a strong interest in Louis.... but is it enough for him to take drastic action?


14. Rainbows Come After Storms

*Louis POV*

"Louis calm down."

"Oh my god Paul, my best friends is in the hospital, not to mention in a coma, and you tell me to CALM DOWN!>"

"Uh...... Lou?" I turn around.

"Not now Niall." I turn back to Paul.

"Jeez Paul, you should be more con-"

"Uh, Lou?" Niall interjects once more.



"What?!" I ask irritably. I was blowing off some steam with Paul.

"I think Harry just woke up."

*Harry POV*

I continued to hear Louis yelling something about 'his best friend in the hospital.' Well shit. JESUS CHRIST SHUT THE HELL UP YOU'RE GIVING ME A MIGRAINE! I hear someone else yelling; they kinda sound like Niall. OH MY GOD NOT YOU TOO!!! Ugh. Finally. They shut up. Now for some peace and quiet.......

*Louis POV*

I look at Harry. He shifts a little. I run over.


He struggles to open his eyes to look at me. He tries to talk but the breathing tube prevents it. He finally realizes it is there, and begins to choke. I turn around, but Niall had already called for a nurse, who I could hear running down the hall. She arrives into the room and rushes to Harry's aid, nearly knocking me over. She takes the breathing tube out, and give him a shot through his IV. 

"What are you giving him?" I ask.

"Adrenaline," she replies, "So that he can properly wake up, and to make sure that he doesn't slip into his coma again."

She bustles out of the room, leaving us alone with Paul, Niall, and Zayn. Harry and I look at each other.

*Harry POV*

"Soooooooo....... Are you gonna say something or what? The staring is getting kinda creepy......"

Louis runs over and hugs me.

"HARRY!!! oh my god I thought we lost you!! More importantly, I thought lost you!!!" he says into my chest. He gets up and I see that his eyes are brimming with tears. 

"Never am I gonna let you out of my sight, ever again, " he says.

"Well, that's all right with me, as long as I can shower and use the loo by myself!" I joke. 

We all laugh. I can tell that it's a huge relief for them to see me awake. For the first time, I see that state that they are in. Niall, Zayn, and Paul all look tired, had slightly messy hair, and light dark circles under their eyes, but Louis is the worst. His hair is sticking up every which way, his chin has stubble on it, he looks like he hasn't showered in days. His clothes are rumples and have what appears to be a small stain of puke. His eyes are red and have dark circles under them that look like they've been drawn on with black sharpie. Aside from this, his eyes are sparkling with joy, his mouth is curved upwards in a genuine Louis smile, which I haven't see in a while, and I can feel and aura of relief about him. All in all, he's a mess. As I'm about to ask what happened, Liam walks through the door. 

"Hey guys, wha-" he looks at me.

"HARRY!" he drops the shopping bags he was holding and runs to give me a hug. 

"Mate, how are you?" he asks. I look at him very seriously. 

"Well, I woke up, hear Lou spaz, get a headache, hear Niall spaz, get a hug, choke on a breathing tube, get it wrenched out of my throat-which I must say is quite traumatizing- I am placed under house arrest by Louis, and the last thing I can remember is getting stabbed. All in all, I've had a great time." I stare at him very seriously. The corner of my mouth twitches upwards, and Liam begins to laugh.

"Well, as much 'trauma' as you've had, it doesn't seem to have affected your sense of humor, now hans't it?" he jokes.

"Nope," answered Louis.

"I actually think he's funnier," inputs Niall.

"Agreed," says Zayn.

"Well," says Liam, "This calls for a celebration."

He then proceeds to pull out a tray of cupcakes, all of them with rainbow swirls on them.

"Are you sure that Louis didn't pick those out mate? They look too gay to be something that you would choose," jokes Niall.

"HEY!" yells Lou.

"I think that Liam has been abducted by gay aliens and transformed," inputs Zayn. 

We all laugh.

"I had a strong internal urge to buy them when I saw them, and so here they are," explains Liam, "Plus they were on sale."

"I guess it was a sweet deal, huh Liam?" says Paul.

"Arghhhhhhh......" we all groan.

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