Don't Leave Me

Harry has a strong interest in Louis.... but is it enough for him to take drastic action?


15. Pudding Thoughts

*Paul POV*

It's been a long week. Harry's coma turned Louis into a nightmare, constantly sulking and snapping at everyone. He's currently chatting animatedly with Niall. It's so good to see him happy again. Oh look Zayn's talking to them too! And Louis is ruining his quiff......again. 

*Zayn POV*

"No!!! Louis!!! Gerroff!" I say as I bat Louis away.

"What's wrong Zaynie-bear? Are you such a girl that you don;t want your hair to get messed up?" taunts Louis as he continues to flatten my hair. I mutter another, "Gerroff!!" and run away.

*Louis POV*

I finally feel happy. After a week of solitude and moping around, I am finally happy. Truly happy. I have my friend back. Well..... I guess he's more that a friend........but for now I can't think about that..... I have to focus on Harry's well being. It's my fault he's in this situation. If it weren't for me and my stupid ideas, none of this would have happened. I'm such an idiot.... At least we know he'll live. He won't be able to sing for a while...... but at least he can still laugh, talk and smile. 

*Harry POV*

As I sit there and eat my pudding, I think about the past events. As much as everyone thinks that this is Lou's fault, it is mine as well. I should have had more sense than to park in that shady neighbourhood. What was I thinking?! I should have just stayed in the my car until I got a text from Lou. I hate this. Not only can I not sing, walk, or even get up to pee, Louis also considers me his "friend". Freindzoned by your crush hurts. I thought he was interested in me that way too. Maybe I just imagined the way he was looking at me as I sang....... I guess I'lll just have to be happy with being his friend. I mean, at least I'm not his enemy. Still...... I broke him and Eleanor up for nothing. Oh my God....... the dream...... Management must have been so mad with him! Oh god..... I just ruined Louis' life just for my selfish wants...... I really am a loser............


I'm really sorry this chapter is so short!!! It's really just an update ish thing on how the characters are doing. I promise that I will post more chapters!!! It's all written down in my notebook its just really hard to find some down time to write it on the computer. I love you all and thank you for being so patient with me!!!! XOXO ~Dimples

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