Don't Leave Me

Harry has a strong interest in Louis.... but is it enough for him to take drastic action?


20. Letters

*Louis POV*

My lifeguard training kicked in. I remembered that I had to put pressure around the wound to stop it from bleeding. I whipped out my phone and dialed 999, and stuck it between my shoulder and ear. I took hold of Harry's wrists, and pressed down on his veins. The bleeding seemed to lessen. The operator picked up the phone. 

"999, what's you're emergency?"

"Hello? Yes, my friend is here with his wrists slashed and he lost a lot of blood."

I gave the operator my address and in ten minutes I could hear the sirens outside the complex. The EMTs barged down the door to my flat and reached Harry. I took a step back and let them do their jobs. One of them handed me the stuffed cat. I looked at it. Its two front paws were soaked in blood. I chuckled darkly at the irony. I grabbed the letters and followed the EMTs to the ambulance. I rode with Harry in silence all the way to the local hospital. This one was much smaller than the one in London, but was still the same on the inside. Gloomy mood, blank walls, a tense feeling in the air. Once more, I filled out the paperwork for Harry. I put off calling Paul and the boys. Instead, I pulled out Harry's letter for me. It read:

Dearest Louis,

I want you to know that this is not you fault. You just acted like any normal human being would. I'm sorry for being such and insensitive prat. You were obviously very happy with Eleanor. I personally cannot believe that I did that, let alone think that you could believe me and stand the sight of me. I plotted to break up the both of you, just for my own selfish needs. I loved you since the day we met in the X-Factor washroom. All of these years I've sat around yearning for you. I never wanted anyone else. Seeing you with Eleanor...... made me die a little inside. She never deserved you. She only wanted the fame. She pretended to love you. When I heard that you were planning to propose to her, I couldn't take it. I had to do something. Management wouldn't let me speak out, so I took a page out of Zayn's book and started telling my story in ink on my body. Most of these tattoos have something to do with you. Louis you are my one and everything. I love you more than anything in this world, and I hope that you can forgive me for being a selfish bastard. 

I always knew that I would not live without you. You are my one and only Louis William Tomlinson. I am also sorry for what might happened to the band after my death. Each of you can take on solo careers, all of you have magnificent voices. Also, tell the fans that I'm sorry, I love them, and it' not their fault. 

So all in all, Go and find yourself a nice girl (or lad), and be happy. You deserve it more than I ever did Louis. 

I love you Louis, and I'm happy that I got to see your dreams come true. 

Forever Yours, 

Forever Young,

Harry Styles. 

Tears ran down my face as I finished reading the letter. I never knew that his hurt was so bad. My poor Haz..... How much he had tortured himself. He thought he didn't deserve to be happy. My baby...... How could I have not seen this? Why didn't he come to me earlier about how he felt? He thought I was HAPPY with Eleanor? I did it to make management happy..... WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME. MY BOYFRIEND WAS MISERABLE AND I NEVER SAW IT. Suddenly a nurse came towards me.

"Mr. Tomlinson?"


"Mr. Styles is awake. He would like to see you."

I gulped and stood up. I followed the nurse to Harry's door. I knocked on the door, and heard a weak, "Come in."

*A/N* MUAHAHAHAHAHA Okay at least I updated don't hate me for this cliff hanger. I just wanted to say that this story is almost done!!!! DX DX but make sure you still favourite it because I will be telling you guys whenever i make a new fanfic so that you guys can check it out :) ok so i made this new fanfiction called "what I learned about the one directio nfandom" I hope you guys like it!!! and no i wont give away any of our secrets!! all righty then have fun with that and I'm sorry i took so long!!!! XOXO~Dimples

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