Don't Leave Me

Harry has a strong interest in Louis.... but is it enough for him to take drastic action?


10. It Can't Be.............

*Niall POV*

I felt really bad for him. Louis I mean. If anything like that happened to Liam....... I would feel awful. Speaking of Liam...... OOOOOOOOHHHH MMMMYYYYY GOOOOODDDD!!!! IMSITTINGRIGHTNEXTTOHIMANDHISARMISTOUCHINGMINELIKEOHMYGODIMGONNADIEHESSO WARMANDCOMFORTINGAHHHHHH!!!!! Okay Niall, you need to calm down. It's not like Justin Bieber's beside you. But Liam's so much better........

*Liam POV*

I can't believe I'm sitting here next to Niall. I can feel the electricity craclking betweet us. ugh. Here's Niall and I, all alone.... and I'm not saying anything. Say something Liam!

"I like goats."

Wait, WHAT THE HELL. I like GOATS? Ugh..... he thinks I'm a retard now....

Niall looks at me.

"Uh..... that's nice LiLi." But he did call me LiLi..... *sigh*

*Niall POV*

LiLi? I'm a retard..... hopefully Liam doesn't think I am one......

*Louis POV*

Oh my god.... Harry..... I walked in and looked at him. He was very pale, and unconscious. He had an IV in his hand and was attached to a breathing tube. There was a heart monitor monotoring his heartbeat, and a large number of wires I don't know about attached to him. Despite all these tubes, his face lookes as if he was taking a nap/ His face was calm, his curls flooped over his forehead. I took in all of this withing a second. I dropped to my knees and cried in anguish. The doctor rushed in and tried to calm me down. I fought him. Squirming and kicking, I refused to be taken away. He leaves the room and I run over to Harry and grab his non-IV hand, and begin to sob. The doctor returns with two big burly men. The two men grab me and pull me away, all while I'm kicking and screaming, "NO!!!! LET ME BE WITH HIM!!!!" I took me a full fifteen minutes to calm down. When the doctor thought I was calm, he let the two men go. He turns to me.

"Mr. Tomlinson?"


"Any questions?"

I open my mouth, and Liam, Zayn, Niall and Paul burst in.

*Niall POV*

I was breathing hard. Just after Paul had brought Zayn back in the hospital, we heard Louis scream in the distance, and ran to hiim as quickly as posible. We arrive to see Louis talking to the doctor.

*Louis POV*

I look at the boys and back at the doctor. Slowly, I ask, "Doctor? What's wrong with him?"

The doctor opens his mouth to speak, and then Harry's heart monitor flatlines............

*Author's Note* HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA oh my god you guys must think I'm evil. Wow..... I'm surprised you don't hate me!!! Sorry for the late update but we've had so many retarded projects in school so there's like no time for updating!!!!! Feedback is always welcome and I love you guys' dedication!!!! Love you all!! XOXO Dimples

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