Don't Leave Me

Harry has a strong interest in Louis.... but is it enough for him to take drastic action?


12. Horror Hits Harry

*Harry POV*
I woke up with a start. I sat up in my bed. Wait. This isn’t my bed. Everything around me is white. The ceiling, walls, floors, sheets, and my dressing gown. Wait WHAT? DRESSING GOWN!? Oh crap, I’m in the hospital. Who is that in the corner? Oh it’s Louis!!!! I wave ecstatically.
Instead of a warm smile, I get a sneer. Louis is holding a knife, and I feel like I have seen the shiny, six-inch blade before. He walks towards me.
“Hello Harold.”
Harold? What happened to Hazzy, Hazza-Bear, Harrykins, Har-Har, Curly, and Haz ?Louis never calls me Harold. Only my mother and Paul call me that, and that’s only when I’m in trouble….
“This is lovely isn’t it?”
“What the hospital? Yeah, it’s real funny, putting me in a dress with my ass hanging out of it.”
“That too. But, this position that you are in, so vulnerable and helpless. Did you know that you are the cause of all my problems, Mr. Styles?”
“See, my mother knows that I am bisexual. But management threw a fit when Eleanor broke up with me. They almost forced me to get back together with her, but then my mother thankfully stepped in. I know what you did Mr.Styles.”
My mouth went dry. Louis played with the knife in his hands. Well, I guess it’s not really a knife, more like a dagger now that I think about it…….
“What….What did I do?”
“You sent Eleanor those pictures. You convinced the fan to take the picture. You got me so drunk that I wouldn’t remember a thing, until it was too late. You know, I never thought you were intelligent enough to pull off such a plan. I always thought that you were a smily, curly-haired boy who had no clue what he was doing, that went around and had one-night stand every night. Furthermore, you are a traitor, what happened to doing everything possible to not get each other in trouble with management?”
“Yeah Louis?”
“Can you make me a promise?”
“Of course.”
“Can you promise me, that, no matter what, we will always
stick together. We will always get each other out of trouble, and always
protect each other. Do you promise me this?”
“I promise Louis.”

*Present Day*
My heart hammered in my chest. Louis walked over to the side of my bed.
“Harold, you have broken your promise. You let me take the fall for your actions.”
“But Lou! I only did it because I loved you!”
“Oh, LOVED, as in, you used to love me?”
“I still do-“
“Enough! You are a traitor. And even when I covered for you when you slept with that fan. I think that the world would be better with one less jerk like you on it!”
He moved quick as lightning, and stabbed me in the chest. He pulled out the dagger, wiped it on my sheets, and whispered in my ear, “Say hello to the devil for me in hell, Harold.”
*Author's note* MUAHAHAHAHA I love chapters like these..... I'm really sorry it took me so long to update.... I lost the sheet that I wrote this on and I really loved the way I portrayed Louis and I was too lazy to re-write it, BUT NOW I FOUND IT YAY!!!!! :D I hope you guys like it and please do not get frustrated with me..... I just need lots of time because I'm such a lazy writer... XOXO Dimples

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