Don't Leave Me

Harry has a strong interest in Louis.... but is it enough for him to take drastic action?


11. Heart-Stopping Story

*Louis POV*

The doctor ran to the intercom in the room, and practically screamed into the microphone, "DEFRIBRILLATOR IN ROOM 254! CODE RED IN ROOM 254!"

Withing seconds a group of nurses came in with a defribrillator. I looked around confusedly.

"What's going on?" Paul does a double take.


"I know that... I just don't know what it means...."

"His heart stopped!!!"

My blood froze. I barely hear the nurse say, "CLEAR!" All I hear is the sickening crunch of bones as his back arched off the bed. The crunch rang through my head like some messed up alarm. Crunch, crunch, crunch. That did not sound healthy. Thankfully, his heart monitor began to beep rhythmically again. I turn to the doctor.

"Okay, so what happened to him?

"Well, the knife he was stabbed with was quite long. It went through his stomach, and because the perp angled it, it punctured one lung and grazed his heart. He was lucky you found him so quickly. He's lost a lot of blood and has slipped into a coma. We have no idea when and if he'll wake up. He's okay for now, but as you just witnesses, he's unstable."

I was numb. My breathing was shallow. I walked over to Harry, caressed his curls, kneeled, and began to sob. Paul and the boys left to cancel any interviews and postpone concerts. The doctor came over and awkwardly patted me on the back.

"You know, Mr. Tomlinson, you can stay with Mr. Styles 24/7. I can bring you an armchair that converts into a cot."

I looked at him and said, "Thank you."

He brings the chair and I sit there, holding Harry's hand, thinking. Then with a wry smile, I look at Harry. I thought our first overnight expirience would be more... fun-filled.

The doctor walks back in to check on Harry's vitals. I lean the chair back and drift into a dreamless sleep.

*Author's note* Hey guys!!! I'm glad you love the story!!! You know i couldn't jsut elave him to die!! What about my harry feels??? Anyways, please go and check out my new movella, Harry Potter Truth or Dare, and write down some suggestions in the comments!!!! Haha.. how do you guys like this story? the feedback so far has been awesome!!!! what do you guys think of it now? funny? boring? slow? moving too fast? i'll take anything, positive or negative. You guys are my fans and deserve to get what you want!!! haha follow me on twitter: @5boysRmylife Instagram: @thatonecrazydirectioner Kik me: @dedicatedtofiveboys or follow me on gifboom: @dedicatedtofiveboys haha love you all, and come have a chat with me!!! im always bored!!! Love you all!!! XOXO ~Dimples

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