Don't Leave Me

Harry has a strong interest in Louis.... but is it enough for him to take drastic action?


4. Harry Has an..... Interesting Dream

*Louis POV*

After Rehearsal, I go home and I call Danielle.


“How could you do that?”

“Do what?”

“How could you tell Eleanor that I have a thing for Harry?!”

“Well, I…..uhm……”

“Did you also send her the picture?”

“What picture?”

“Don’t play dumb!”

“I have no idea what you’re talking about!!!!!”

“The picture of me and Harry making out in the club!?”

“There’s a picture of that?”


“You and Harry actually-“


“Eleanor broke up with you?”

I facepalmed. “No Danielle, she had sex with me.”


“NO!!!! She broke up with me…..”

“Oh…… well then I guess Larry Stylinson is official then?”

“NO!!!! And don’t tell anybody else about Larry!!!!!!”

“Okay…. Sheesh don’t have to-“

I didn’t even want to hear what she had to say. I still couldn’t believe that she had told EL about the thing I had for Harry. Oh well, at least I only have to wait two more days before I get to have alone time with Harry. I stripped to my boxers and climbed into bed. (As surprising as it sounds, even though I always wear pajama pants, I never sleep in them. Although Harry, knowing him, probably sleeps with less than his boxers on)

As I fell asleep, my thoughts were filled with Harry, and what could possibly happen on Friday night.

*Harry POV*

Thank God rehearsal ended quickly. Any longer and I think I would have fucked Louis then and there. Oh. My. God. Louis. Look at your ass.

With a mental picture of Louis’s butt stuck in my head, I stripped down to nothing, and climbed into bed.

Thant night, I dreamed of Louis and I at the club. It was about three in the morning, and we were still partying. Louis comes up behind me and presses himself against me. He nips my earlobe and huskily says, “How about you and I….. do something at my place?”

I bit my lip in that way that drives girls (and Louis, I have noticed) crazy, and nod.

We don’t even manage to make it to his flat before we start. He presses me against the side of the elevator and starts kissing me. The elevator doors open, and just like that, the dream is over.

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