Don't Leave Me

Harry has a strong interest in Louis.... but is it enough for him to take drastic action?


16. Going

*1 month later*


         It has been a long month. Harry's rehabilitation took quite a while. All of our concerts, meet and greets, and signings have been cancelled for the next six months, which is how long the doctors said it would take for Harry's lungs to reach their normal capacity. 

        For the past month, I've been constantly by Harry's side. I've helped him shower, get dressed, and get in and out of his wheelchair. I've also been there during every session with his physiotherapist. I helped him with his breathing exercises, doing them with him so he felt less awkward. I told him jokes all the time to keep him in a good mood. When he wakes up in the middle of the night because he had a bad dream, I stroked his curls and sang to him until he fell asleep. I even bought him a stuffed cat from the gift shop, so that he could cuddle with it whenever Paul forced me into the real world. The was also sprayed with my cologne so that it smelled like me. Anything for my Hazzybear! He was spoiled rotten by me for the last month.

        I smiled at Haz as I helped him out of the hospital bed for the last time. Today is the day we leave the hospital.

*Harry's POV*

        Louis smiled at me and I felt sick. I was a horrible person, and I didn't deserve his love. Whenever I woke up from that stupid nightmare, Lou would always be there, stroking my curls and softly singing whatever song popped into his mind. I almost cried when he got me the stuffed cat fromt he gift shop, and even wrote "BooBear" on the name tag. I don't deserve any of this. At least I'm getting out of this hellhole of a hospital. The people are nice and all, but it's still a hospital.

*A few hours later*

     The care pulled up to a familiar building as I woke up from my nap that I was taking on the way back from the hospital. Louis looked over at me from the driver's side and smiled brightly at me. He got out of the car and helped me out of the car and into the building. We rode the elevator up to the third floor. He practically dragged me down the hall. When we reached the door, he pulled out a key and unlocked it. He opened the door and said, "Welcome home, Harry!"

*Louis POV*

     I was so excited that this curly-headed idiot was coming to stay with me until he was fully recovered! I looked at him expectantly, but I started getting uneasy as he remained silent. He looked at me and said, "This is your flat."
"Yes, and?"
"I'm not going back to mine?"
"Well, I thought it would be better since you aren't fully recovered and I didn't know-"
"I wasn't complaining," he sad defensively, "I was just wonderin'. That's all."

I smiled. This was going to be wonderful.


*A/N* I'm really sorry for the really short chapters!!! I'm writing this in a small notebook so what looks like a really long chapter ins't actually that long!!! Just bear with me here! I have a few chapters lined up already from late-night writing! I love you all and thanks for the support on this story :)xoxo~Dimples

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