Don't Leave Me

Harry has a strong interest in Louis.... but is it enough for him to take drastic action?


9. At the Hospital

*Louis POV*

The paramedics arrive. They pull up next to Harry's black Audi. They pull me away from him, and begin to treat him. Everything is moving in slow motion. All I can understand is something about heavy bleeding. I am brought into the ambulance with him. I ride next to Harry all the way to the hospital. When we get there, the paramedics take him to the OR, and force me to sit in the waiting room and well, wait.  I go to the counter to check him in. The receptionist doesn't even look up and she says, "Name?"

"Excuse me?"

"The patient's name?"

"Har-Harry S-Styles......" I stutter, holding back tears.

"Stop playing boy, I haven't got all day. Now seriously, name?"

"Harry Styles, my name is Louis Tomlinson, of One Direction."

She finally looks up. When she does, her eyes widen with excitement and she proceeds to faint. ugh. Why do all the girls do that? One of the male staff had to help me, as all the females had become very giggly. After I checked him in, I called Paul, the only person who I wanted to deal with at the moment. I told him to call all the lads and bring the,. They all arrived in ten minutes. None of them said anything for a while, we just sat there and sulked. Then, out of the blue, Niall asked, "Why?"

I looked at him, "Why what?"

"Why was Harry out?"

I looked at him in shock, and then Zayn began in a slightly accusing voice, "And wasn't it SO convenient that you just so happened to find him?" He gave me a look that said, 'I know you were up to something but I don't know what and I'm gonna find out.' I took a deep breath. Should I lie? No.... they won't believe me....All right, the moment of truth. I took another deep breath, shudder, and tell them everything that had happened in the last few hours, minus the whole Niall Liam thing, because, you know, a promise is a promise even in a crisis. When I was done, Liam and Niall were horrified, Paul was worried for Haz, and Zayn, well, Zayn looked like he was ready to tie me up and rape me. Paul must have seen the look on Zayn's face, because before any of us could do anything, he picked Zayn up, and threw him over his shoulder. He looked at me, said, "You gotta be more careful Lou." and walked away with a squirming Zayn in tow. I looked at Liam and Niall. Their looks of horror had dissolved into understanding. They see the look of guilt on my face. Liam begins, "Mate, look, it's not your fault."

"Yeah!" said Niall, "You had no idea that creep was gonna be there."

I felt slightly better.

"Yeah but..... If I had just listened to Zayn or I hadn't told him my idea, he would be well and not currently dying."

They both looked shocked. Niall jumped up and shook me. 


Just then, the doctor walked in. 

"Mr. Tomlinson?"

I stood up.

"Come with me."

I motioned at the other two to stay where they were, and started to follow the doctor. We walked through a pair of doors that said ICU. Wait, back up. ICU?! As in, INTENSIVE CARE UNIT!? i asked the doctor about this, but he made no comment, he just continued to walk. Finally we reached a door with the number 254 on it. I glanced at the patiendt sheet and saw the name Styles. The doctor looked at me and said, "I think it's best if you see this by yourself. I'll be waiting in the hall." 

I give the doctor a nervouse look, and turn around. I grab the handle, turn it, and open the door......

*Author's Note* HAHAHAHAHA!!! You guys must hate me for all of these cliff hangers!!!! Okay, I'm really sorry that I haven't updated a lot. I've started up a new channel called TrebleNutella on youtube if you wanna check it out, where me and Atlas Collins just go and rage about stuff...... and we do skits and whatnot if you wanna check it out. I also have to manage my blog with that channel and the twitter account, so you know, it's a lot of work. I hope you guys haven't ditched me or unfavourited!!! I'll be really sad if you do! I've worked so hard on this story to keep going..... So please keep checking bakc!!!! If you like my story once again, just go and become a fan of me because I have many ideas for new stories after this one!!!! And if you have any suggestions, then please go ahead and comment!!!!  I'll see what I can do!!! Okay, now, you can stalk me on twitter: @5boysRmylife on instagram: @thatonecrazydirectioner on gifboom: @dedicatedtofiveboys and now, for the first time, YOU CAN TALK TO ME ON KIK!!!!! @dedicatedtofiveboys I'll love to talk to you guys and answer any questions you have!!! If you want to collaborate with me on a story, go ahead and ask!!!! I'm open to talk to anybody, and I love all my Dimplies!!!!! SO yeah,, that's all for now!!! I promise to update sooner, and i love you all!!!! xx Dimples

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