Don't Leave Me

Harry has a strong interest in Louis.... but is it enough for him to take drastic action?


17. Admitting Things

*A few weeks later*

*Harry POV*



"Truth or Dare?"

"Dare, Niall."

Niall looked around thoughtfully. 

"I dare you to give Perrie a striptease!" he said with a laugh.

Louis whipped out his phone and started playin "Sexyback" by Justin Timberlake. 

Zayn turned and looks at Perrie, who was sitting to my right. He got up and began slowly taking off his t-shirt. He circled his hips as he did so. He threw his shirt at Perrie, who caught it and whooped in appreciation. Zayn then began to slowly take off his sweatpants. Soon he was standing in his underwear. He looked at Perris and said, "That will be ten pounds."

We all laughed. Zayn put his pants back on, leaving his shirt with Perrie, and sat down. He looked around the room and his eyes zeroed in on me.

"Styles," he said.


"Truth or dare?" he asked.

"Truth," I responded meekly.

"Ugh, you're no fun. Fine then..... Who do you fancy?"


"Well......uh.......I fancy.... well.... Louis......"

*Louis POV*

Oh wow... well, this is gonna be fun.

"Harry POV*

I was blushing like mad. Zayn was staring at me with his mouth ope. Louis puts his arm around me and says, "Well that's good, because I fancy you quite a lot too Mr. Styles!"

He put his hand under my chin and turns my head to face him. He leans down and kisses me, soflyt at first. I give a little squeak of surprise, but then I relax and begin to enjoy it. He brings up a hand and presses it against my neck, fingers in my curls, deepening the kiss. His lips tasted like berries. One of my hands found its way up to his neck. Louis' tongues pokes at my bottom lip, begging for access. I was about to grant it to him when Zayn cleared his throat.


Louis and I broke off. I forgot that there were other people in the room. I blushed and looked down while Louis hugged me tight.

"Zayn are you all right?" asked Niall.

"I'm just trying to recover from the sight of my BEST MATES SNOGGING!" replied Zayn, yelling slightly at the end.

"Well," said Liam, "If this has now turned into sharing time, I fancy Niall."

Niall blushed and said, "I fancy Liam quite a lot."

Zayn looks at them pleadingly.

"Please don't snog."

"Don't worry mate, Niall and I aren't like that!"

Zayn dramatically ipes the non-existant sweat off his forhead.

"Girls? Anything you'd like to admit?"

"I fancy Danielle!" announced Eleanor.

"I quite fancy Eleanor back," confirms Danielle.

Zayn looks that them and says, "You know, if you guys wanna snog, that's cool...."

Danielle and Eleanor glare at Zayn.

"All right, all right!!" Zayn puts up his hands defensively.

"I'm bisexual," offers Perrie, "and I had hot sex with Dani and Ellie."

Zayn's eyes looked like they were going to fall out of his head.

"Am I the only straight one?" he asks.

"Paul," replies Louis very seriously, "I THINK Paul is straight."


*A/N* thank you for waiting so patiently!!! I love you all and thank you for reading!

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