Don't Leave Me

Harry has a strong interest in Louis.... but is it enough for him to take drastic action?


2. A Twist in the Story

*Harry POV*

I was in the middle of a powerrnap when my phone started blasting "Hotel Room Service" in my ear. I was Louis. As soon as I answer Louis says, "Harry, Eleanor broke up with me."

My plan was going perfectly.

Before I could even get a sound out he then adds, "Some thinkgs were said that made me realize that us splitting was for the best. Oh, by the way, I meant to ask you something."

"Yes?" I replied, my pulse rising.

"Uhm..... What time is our next rehearsal?"

I sighed, "3 o'clock."


Louis then proceeds to hang up the phone. Crap. I had been excited for nothing. My plan almost worked. I guess I'll just have to wait him out.

*Louis POV*

Oh my fucking god. I have no courage. Why didn't I just ask him out? Why did I freeze. I don't normally freeze.........And when I do, I usually just crack a joke to break the ice. I guess Harry's different. With girls, if I mess up, there's another million who would die to take her place. With Hary, if he isn't gay, then I risk my friendship with him, and not to mention, I create a whole other level of awkwardness with the lads.

I glance at the clock. 2:15. As I got ready to go, I promised myself that I would ask Harry to dinner as soon as we got a moment alone.

*Harry's POV*

I tried to reason with myself. Louis is still grieving. Give him time. Although he didn't make a move, my plan was going well. First I paid a fan to go to the same club as Louis and I went to, not to approach us, and snap any steamy pics they could get. Then, I got Louis drunk, which wasn't that hard, (he's such a lightweight) and convinced him that he loved me. Then, he backed me up against the wall. As surprised as I was, I gave him the most passionate, loving kiss that I could possibly ever give, (which I should say, I thoroughly enjoyed) and then Louis ripped my shirt off. (Which was an added bonus) Then, when the fan sent me the pictures, I simply used her email address and sent the picture that I chose to Eleanor. (the girl is incredibly jealous) After she broke up with Louis, the hardest part of my plan came into play, waiting for him to ask me on a date.

I guess my pain will have to be extended for a little bit.... while I wait for him to muster his courgae. It does take time to recover from a relationship as long as Lou and El's. oh well, I don't care how long I have to wiat, as long as he doesn't find out I sent Eleanor the picture, or at least he finds out after he's madly in love with me.

I glance at the clock. Shit. 2:45, and I haven't even changed out of my sweatpants. Only 15 minutes until I have to see how much pain Lou is going through. And to see his beautiful face. And that toned body. And hear that marvellous voice. And look at that fantastic butt. OH MAH GAHD HARREH! Stop thinking about his ass. You know what happens whe you do that. And you dont have time now to fix it.

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