Don't Leave Me

Harry has a strong interest in Louis.... but is it enough for him to take drastic action?


8. A Regrettable Mistake

*Louis POV*

Today is Friday. Today the band has a day off. Today was supposed to be my date with the one and only Harold Edward Styles. I’ve been moping around my flat for the past few day, not doing anything productive, tying to not think about those curls…. ARGH!!!BLOODY HELL!!!STOP THINKINGABOUT HIM LOUIS! Anyways, today was much of the same thing. Wake up, think about Harry, have an internal argument, eat, check twitter, eat, internet stalk Harry,internal argument, eat. If only I could meet with him…. And the other boys don’t have to know….. THAT’S IT!!!

*Harry POV*

I was internet stalking Louis (this was preceded by a rather large internal quarrel), when my phone started serenading me with the chorus of Moments. I change my ringtone based on my mood.  I answer.



“LOUIS!!!” My heart soared.

“Hey I have an idea….”

“One sec, I need to finish my sandwich.” I gobbled down the last few bites.


“But first Haz, I have a question.” He said importantly.

“Okay, what?”

“Do you know if Niall fancies anyone?”

I bit the inside of my cheek.

“Uh-Demi of course!” I replied, smirking at my quick thinking.

“Anyone else?”

Uh oh…… Niall swore me to secrecy… what do I do? Think Harry, THINK!

“Who wants to know?” I asked.

Louis sighs, “All right, if I tell you who asked, will you give me an answer?”

I think it through. Is it worth it? What if it’s a girl? What if it’s Zayn? You know what? Screw it, I’ll just tell Louis not to tell them if it’s one of the two.

“All right. Now tell me. Who want to know?”

I hear Louis take a deep breath.

*Louis POV*

“Liam.” The name escapes my mouth of its own accord. Immediately I regret what I have done. All I hear is Harry breathing on the other end. What have I done? Now he’s gonna tell the other lads and Liam’s gonna hate me forever….. tentatively, I say, “Harry?”


“Who does Niall fancy?”

“Oh…. Well…. This is quite convenient…… Niall fancies Liam.”

My heartbeat slows down and I begin to breathe normally again. I sigh with relief.

“Well, now that’s out of the way, I have a plan.”

I begin to explain to Harry my plan. Harry is to meet me at the London Eye at 11 pm sharp. If anyone else asks where he is/where he is going, he will say to a friend’s house. I will meet him there at exactly 11:05 pm, and my excuse shall be going to a bar to drown my sorrows about Eleanor. We will spend the night as we please, wandering about London. I wait expectantly for hi response.

“What do you think Harry?”

“Brilliant plan mate! See you then,” he says cheekily, which was most probably paired with his signature cheeky wink.

“See ya,” I say, and I hang up.

*Harry POV*

“Brilliant plan mate! See you then,” I respond, and out of habit, I wink, even though he can’t see me.

“See ya,” and he hangs up.

I check the clock. (:30 pm. Great, just enough time to get showered, shave and dressed.

An hour and fifteen minutes later, I’m nearing the London Eye. I’ve always like to be early for dates. I park my car and start walking down the dark street towards the Eye. I see a shady-looking bloke walk towards me. I try to avoid eye contact with him when he practically shouts, “Ey! You’re Harry Styles aren’t you?” even though he’s only three feet away.

“Yeh. That’s me. In the flesh”

This man looks at me in a way that makes my skin crawl.

“Look. You’re a charming young lad, but I’m not here to chat. Let’s get down to business.”

He pulls out a long knife, and points it at me. I stare at it and swallow thickly.

“You see this knife? I don’t wanna hafta use it, but unless you be handin’ over some of them cash now, it’s gonna be a real painful night for ya.”

I swallow again. I look at the knife and back at the bloke’s horrendous face. I realize with horror that I didn’t bring my wallet, as I had forgotten it at home.

“I don’t have it,” I state with a shaky voice.

“Yeh fuckin liar,” spat the man, “Pretty little rich boy like you, not havin cash around on a night out? HA! I’ll give you one more chance. GIVE ME YOUR GODDAMN MONEY!” he screeched, a tinge of tipsyness in his voice.


Quick as a whip, the man stabs me. I crumple to the ground, clutching my middle. He spits a me and says, “That oughta teach you not to lie.”

As he walks away, I can feel my stomach acid starting to burn my insides. MY last coherent thought is hope that Louis will find me, and I black out.

*Author’s note* Muahahahahah!!!! Terrible cliffhanger there!!!! At least everything seems to be working out for Niam! And for those of you who are looking for Danieleanor, I’m really sorry but they don’t play a major role in this fanfiction, although from time to time you wll get updates and POVs to see how their relationship is growing/developing! I hope you all lie the story so far, and feedback is well appreciated. I’m really sorry for all the delays but we have so much work at school and I have skating competitions and my own personal drama. Not to mention I jst injured my knee this morning. If you guys love this story, please become a fan of me, I have lots of new fanfictions coming around and I might start a couple alongside with this one!!!! So if you like my writing then maybe you could become a fan of me?? That would be awesome! Please read my movella one-shot:  Back for You, a Harry One-shot, it’s for the valentine’s day one direction contest and it would be so lovely if you guys could help me win!! Tell all you movella friends, and your real life friends, maybe they’ll wanna make an account after… idk…… but yeah!!! If you want more info and day-to-day updates on my,  you can stalk me on twitter: @5boysRmylife on instagram: @thatonecrazydirectioner and on gifboom: @dedicatedtofiveboys  So yeah….  Hope I get better, follow me so you can stalk my personal life, become a fan and I might start a movella dedicated to imagines for my fans….. uh……. And I hope you like this chapter!!! I can’t make any promises of how often I will update but thank you for all the support and for being so patient!!!! I would like to make a shout out to Atlas Collins, who is my bffl in real life and on movellas, for giving me feedback on this and driving me to write more… and for being a great friend in general!!!! I need to stop there because otherwise my author’s note will be longer than my chapter!!! Talk to you next chapter, xx Dimples :D


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