Too Far Gone (Sequel to Louis Doesn't Have To Know)

(This is a SEQUEL, I strongly reccomend you read my first movella, Louis Doesn't Have To Know, otherwise you will be very lost whilst reading Too Far Gone)

Heartbreak. Sorrow. Regret. That's all Sophie feels anymore. Louis is filing for divorce and she can't do anything to stop it. But she made the mistakes right? She was the one who cheated after all, with his best friend and bandmate no less. She doesn't even know if her daughter is really Louis' or not. What does this mean for Louis and Liam's friendship? Will One Direction break up? Can Sophie convince Louis that she can change? CAN she change? Or is everything just...Too Far Gone?

(AGAIN, read the first book please. You won't regret it!)


10. The End and Epilogue.

Back to four years in the future...



The two sisters who hadn't seen each other in so long shouted as soon as they made eye contact and Liam and Louis laughed as Sophie pushed them out of the way and ran down the empty aisles of the London arena to envelop her beautiful sister in a bone crushing hug.

"Hey man did you plan this?" Liam asked, nudging Louis with his elbow. Louis chuckled.

"Yeah, I told Ashton I wanted her being here to be a surprise." He said, looking to Liam and giving a meek smile.

Liam looked away and smiled at Sophie and Ashton, still embracing one another and saying crazy sister-like things he didn't understand. "She looks really happy." Liam said simply, and he immediately felt Louis tense up beside him. Liam turned to his friend quickly. "Look man, like I said before, I royally screwed up and I never meant to hurt you. I want the best for the both of you, and I'm nothing more than a friend now to her. So can we just go back to being brothers again? Please?" Liam pleaded.

Louis took in a deep breath and after a few tense silent seconds, he finally laughed meekly and threw his arms around Liam in a brotherly hug. Liam was shocked at first but after just a second he exhaled in relief and hugged Louis back tightly.

"We weren't ever not brothers Liam. Even if you did fuck up...I still love you man."

Liam laughed humorlessly and hugged Louis even tighter. They finally broke free and Louis clapped Liam on the back and smiled. Liam held back the tears.

"Love you too Lou." Liam managed to choke out.

Liam looked back to Sophie, who was entranced in a deep conversation with Sophie. He then glanced to his right and saw that Louis was looking at her as well, a huge goofy grin plastered across his friend's still bruised face.

It finally dawned on Liam. Sophie held a special place in his heart, and she always would. He did love her. But the love that Liam had for Sophie was absolutely nothing compared to the love that Louis had for her. Those two had something deep, special, one of those "it-was-meant-to-be" kind of relationships. Liam couldn't even dream of loving Sophie as much as his best friend loved her.

He glanced back to the blonde haired girl, laughing and joking with her sister, and suddenly it was like he saw her in a whole new light. The love, the adoration, the lust was all gone. She was just...Sophie. That querky girl that Louis didn't shut up about four years ago in New York. The artist who needed confidence to show her work. The mother who loved her child more than the world.

It was Sophie. Liam's best friend in the world, who he had irrationally turned to for comfort almost four years ago when he was hurting.

And nothing more.

Liam started laughing to himself somewhat manically and smiling like an idiot. Louis turned to him with a concerned expression.

" alright mate?" Louis asked in a concerned tone, and Liam turned to face him, still smiling.

"I'm over it." He said.

"What?" Louis asked incredulously.

"I'm. Over. Her." Liam replied, putting emphasis on each word and nodding in Sophie's direction when he said 'her'.

Louis looked back and forth between Liam and Sophie a few times before his eyes got wide in realization. A second passed and he smiled and chuckled, looking down at the ground and rubbing his jawline. He looked back up at Liam skeptically, but still smiled. Wordlessly, Louis jerked his chin over towards Sophie, indicating that Liam should go talk to Sophie.

Liam chuckled and nodded, touching Louis' arm briefly before jogging down the empty arena aisles to where Sophie was.

"Excuse me ladies," Liam said quickly as he approached the chatting sisters who turned to him, "But Soph, you think I could steal you away for a minute?"

Sophie opened her mouth to speak, but then looked past Liam's shoulder to where Louis was standing. Louis nodded his head once, to tell her everything was okay, and Sophie turned back to Liam.

"Yeah sure." Sophie said.

Liam smiled and walked up towards the stage, sitting on the edge of it and patting the space next to him for Sophie to sit down. She did.

"Sophie, I--" Liam began before stopping himself and looking down, chuckling a bit. "I don't know how to say it other than say it." He finally started again, looking up and into Sophie's hazel eyes. "I'm over you Sophie." He spat out, provoking a shocked expression from her. Liam smiled. "I'm in love with you Soph, but I don't love you like Louis loves you, I never could. So from now on, you don't have to worry about being in the same room as me. I want us to go back to what we used to be four years ago - best friends, and that's all. I want you to be happy with Louis and Lilly, and I don't want you to worry about me, I'll find the right girl eventually. I just want you to be with Louis and be happy. With no interference from me. I swear." Liam made a cross over his heart and Sophie laughed as she ran her fingers through her wavy blonde hair.

"Wow Liam, this is uh," Sophie finally said, while smiling, "This is unexpected but...good!" She turned and made eye contact with Liam. "This is really good Liam." She added in a softer tone. "I want you in my life, but..." She looked up to Louis and smiled as her husband talked with her sister, laughing over something. She turned back to Liam, who was watching her. "He's the one. The only one for me."

Liam smiled and chuckled, leaning forward and kissing Sophie on the forehead in a friendly manner.

"I know babe. I know."


Epilogue...Almost two years later.

"Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday dear Lilly...happy birthday to you!"

Sophie, Ashton, Louis, Liam, Niall, Zayn, Harry, Louis' mum and sisters, Lou, Tom, and Lux all gathered around Louis and Sophie's massive kitchen table and sang as Lilly tried to blow out the two candles on her cake. When she couldn't do it, Louis and Niall leaned in behind her and helped finish the job. When the candles were out, everyone clapped and cheered, making Lilly just beam.

It was Lilly's second birthday. Six years since Louis and Sophie met. Five and a half years since Sophie and Liam started their secret relationship. And just under two years since Liam, Sophie, and Louis resolved all their differences and everything was right once more.

The band had split up eight months ago, and the world had been devastated. The five boys of One Direction, the heartthrobs of teenagers all over the world, decided to go their separate ways. Harry, Zayn, and Liam were doing a lot of solo work, Niall was writing music for other artists (including the boys), and Louis was working on a movie at the moment, finally going after his passion for acting. Sophie was back into her artwork completely now, and even had her own gallery opened up in London. Ashton and Niall were engaged, Niall finally getting enough courage to pop the question two months ago. Everyone was overjoyed for them obviously, the two were perfect for each other. Zayn was dating some model from Switzerland, Harry was single, and Liam had a new lady in his life that he had met in a recording studio a few months ago. He seemed absolutely smitten the few times that Sophie had seen the two together, and she genuinely hoped things worked out well with them.

The boys were still closer than brothers, even though they'd decided that they'd outgrown their boyband days. They all knew it was bound to happen one day, and they'd always vowed to still be tight with one another and they had stayed true to their promise thus far.

Sophie and Liam had been nothing more than friends for the past two years, with not one single slip up. Their feelings were still the same, brother-sisterly love and that was all. The past was the past for them as well as for Louis, and there wasn't even any awkwardness.

So as Sophie stood with her arms around Louis, looking down at their daughter eating cake with Niall, and Liam knocked Zayn on the shoulder in a joking manner, the three all looked up at each other and had a short moment where they all smiled at one another and thought about their past, and how far they had come.

Sophie, Louis, and Liam had all made their fair share of mistakes. But what they had learned from all their hardships was that no matter what, love and friendship trump all. Each of them was too important to the others in some way, form, or fashion and mistakes of the past were too miniscule in comparison to jeapordize their relationships. Life was too short to hold grudges over immature choices and rash decisions. Furthermore, there was no doubt that as the years went by, more mistakes were sure to be made. And the wonderful part about that was that they would take each conflict as it came and then learn from it. Isn't that what mistakes are for? To learn from and grow together over.

So as Louis and Liam nodded at one another and Sophie smiled at two of the most important people in her life, she smiled. She smiled because life throws curveballs continually. But one fact remains.

Life goes on.




Author's Note: Well there you have it ladies and gentleman, this is the end of Too Far Gone. I hope you liked it, and please like, fav, and comment. And don't forget to check out my other movella, "Breaking Free", and follow me on Twitter @justafangirl4.

I'm super sad it's over for this story of Sophie, Louis, and Liam, but I sincerely hope you enjoyed the journey, because I certainly did.

Thank you so much for reading, I love you all and you're all beautiful.

Much love. xx


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