Too Far Gone (Sequel to Louis Doesn't Have To Know)

(This is a SEQUEL, I strongly reccomend you read my first movella, Louis Doesn't Have To Know, otherwise you will be very lost whilst reading Too Far Gone)

Heartbreak. Sorrow. Regret. That's all Sophie feels anymore. Louis is filing for divorce and she can't do anything to stop it. But she made the mistakes right? She was the one who cheated after all, with his best friend and bandmate no less. She doesn't even know if her daughter is really Louis' or not. What does this mean for Louis and Liam's friendship? Will One Direction break up? Can Sophie convince Louis that she can change? CAN she change? Or is everything just...Too Far Gone?

(AGAIN, read the first book please. You won't regret it!)


5. Nothing To Keep Us Apart

"L-Louis is that really you?" Sophie asked, standing up from the bed and walking around it and towards him, tripping over her feet slightly. Louis' face was in an unamused smirk, and when he laughed bitterly Sophie froze in her tracks, about five or six feet away from him.

Louis scoffed and stood up to his full height, walking towards Sophie and towering over her. Sophie cowered down in fear at his emotionless expression, and he just moved past her, brushing her shoulder and making her gasp.

Sophie turned to follow the tall, built silhouette of her husband as he moved across the dimly room to where she had dropped her phone. He looked at the caller ID (Liam was still shouting into the phone) and pressed it to his ear.

"Hello there Liam." There was silence. Then Sophie could hear the hurried, rough voice of Liam on the other end. Louis barked out a harsh laugh and Sophie flinched involuntarily. "Oh shut it Liam, don't give me any bullshit. And don't call my wife anymore."

With that, Louis pulled the phone away from his ear, shut it off and tossed it onto the bed, running a nervous hand through his hair. It was the first time he hadn't looked composed since he had showed up in the room. Sophie's jaw was still dropped in shock. She couldn't believe that Louis was actually here. Of his own free will. And had he just said, "my wife" to Liam? What did that mean? Did he not want the divorce anymore? Or was she just getting her hopes up too soon?

"So I see you two are still together then." Louis suddenly said, more of a statement than a question. His voice dripped with detest. Sophie's mouth parted and her brow furrowed in confusion.


"You and Liam. Still together. You know that's just lovely, how you tell him you love him on the phone after you've allegedly been crying for weeks because I said I wanted a divorce.

Sophie took a hasty step forward. "No Louis I swear, it wasn't--"

"Stop lying to me!" Louis' loud voice reverberated around the expansive bedroom as he took three large strides to Sophie, backing her up against the wall and slamming his fist above her head. Sophie whimpered slightly in fright, and cowered under his tall frame. Louis' whole body was shaking and his eyes were dark with anger. Sophie had never seen him like this before.

"Louis, I--"

"Stop saying my name." Louis hissed menacingly and Sophie closed her eyes tightly as he leaned forward, his hot breath fanning over her neck. Their proximity would have been romantic if she wasn't so absolutely terrified. Sophie turned her head away from him and she felt his nose and lips against her cheek, jawline, and collar bone. This was a side of Louis she had never seen before. It was tensely silent for a moment. "You told me it was over between the two of you, and yet I come over here to talk to you and the first thing I hear out of your mouth is, 'I love you Liam'. That doesn't sound like over to me Soph."

Sophie opened her eyes finally just to see the doorway where Louis had been propped earlier. "I-I--"

"Look at me!" Louis commanded, and Sophie obeyed immediately, snapping her head forward to look at Louis. His palms were against the wall on either side of her head and he was leaning over her petite body, trapping her from any form of escape. Her mouth opened but it took a few seconds for words to form.

"I-I didn't think it was him when I answered the phone. He used Ashton's phone, he just wanted to make sure I w-was okay." Sophie offered a weak attempt at a smile. "H-He said he was going to try and get us back together. When I said I loved him, I mean it a thank you."

Louis stared at her intensely, taking in what she had said. His normally sparkling blue eyes, which used to always be so full of life, bored into her own, making her wish she could shrink away into the wall. His breathing was rough, and his face was dangerously close to hers. Taking in a shaky breath of courage, Sophie reached her hand up slowly to Louis' face. His posture instantly relaxed, and Sophie exhaled in relief. He leaned his cheek into Sophie's warm hand, and briefly fluttered his eyes shut.

"Louis..." Sophie murmured.

"Wait, wait, no!" Louis suddenly shouted, his eyes snapping open and grabbing Sophie's forearm, jerking her hand away from his face. Sophie winced in pain as he squeezed her forearm tightly, his fingers digging into her soft skin. Their bodies were flush against each other.

"Ouch, Louis y--"

"Don't you get it?!" Louis suddenly shouted, and Sophie had to bite her lip to keep from crying out in pain. He was squeezing harder now, and his eyes were so dark that she worried he might not even realize what he was saying or doing. "You're my girl, my wife! And knowing that he got to have you too? It...It makes me so fucking furious I want to punch the living shit out of him!" Louis' voice rose in pitch as he got more and more angry, and he raised the hand that wasn't holding Sophie's arm to punch the wall right beside her face yet again.

"Louis, p-please let go of my arm," Sophie whimpered in pain as she frantically clawed at him to let her go.

"What?" Louis asked, the darkness in his eyes beginning to disappate as he noticed the tears spilling over on Sophie's pain-stricken face. He glanced down at where he was holding her arm and gasped, letting go and stepping back instantly.

Sophie gasped in pain yet again, feeling as though something had burned her. She grabbed onto her forearm and sunk to the floor, still leaning back against the wall. She closed her eyes shut and whimpered softly, trying to block out the pain.

A silent second passed and Sophie heard Louis crouch down next to her. She instinctively shrunk away from him, and she heard him take in a sharp breath in response.

"Soph, baby, you know I didn't mean to, I-I just..." Louis let his words trail off, the regret apparent in his voice. Sophie sniffled and wiped away a tear with the back of her non-injured arm. She opened her eyes slowly and looked at Louis. His perfect features were etched with pain as he looked down at Sophie's forearm, still clasped in her other hand. He looked up at her eyes and gently caressed her face, ignoring the flinch his touch invoked. "Let me see?" He whispered, nodding his head down at where he had gripped her too tightly. Sophie nodded her assent slightly.

Louis very slowly and cautiously reached his hand out and pried Sophie's fingers off of her arm. He bit down hard on his lower lip as he saw that she was already beginning to bruise. His long finger marks were apparent.

"Oh God, Sophie I swear I didn't mean to hurt you, I'd never want to do that, never..." Louis' apology trailed off as he gingerly lifted her arm and pressed soft, tender kisses to it, careful not to apply too much pressure. Sophie looked on in adoration and habitually reached out to wrap her free hand around the back of his neck. Louis lifted his head up and she saw that tears were cascading down his face just as they were on hers. "Sophie baby I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry..."

"Shh, shh, it's okay," Sophie soothed, bringing his forehead to rest against hers. This was so familiar, so normal for them, the close proximity. She'd almost forgotten how warm his skin always seemed to be against hers. Their breathing became ragged and irregular as they stared into each other's eyes, lips hovering over one another, hot breath tickling their faces.

"Sophie," Louis began to say painfully, "What did I do wrong? What did I do to not not be enough for you?"

Sophie inhaled sharply, Louis' words sending an ache straight to her heart. She shook her head from side to side slightly, their forehead still connected. Silent sobs rocked her small frame. "God Louis, no, no. It wasn't you, you're perfect, you're more than I could ever deserve." Sophie laughed sadly, showing no traces of humor. "It was me. I was weak, I was pathetic, I was naieve. I had the world in front of me, and I risked it all because I was stupid. You deserve so much better than me Louis, you deserve a girl who won't take your love for granted, and--"

Louis quieted Sophie by pressing his lips violently to Sophie's lips, taking her by surprise. She eagerly responded though, hungrily moving her mouth against his, clutching his shoulders tightly, afraid he would disappear. The kiss was passionate and messy, the both of them lightly pulling at hair, and tracing each other's faces. Their tongues battled each other, and they kissed as though they were two lovers who might be torn apart at any given moment. Louis had shifted Sophie's body so that she was strattling his waist as he sat on his heels, her back was still to the wall. Neither of them knew how long they were like that, clutching and kissed each other for dear life, too afraid to let the other go. They thought of nothing but their raging passion for each other.

Some unknown amount of time passed and Sophie finally had to break for air. She removed her lips from his frantically and gasped, revelling in the oxygen that filled her lungs. Louis didn't move though, his lips just trailing across Sophie's jawline, down her neck, and across her collarbone. He paused at the soft spot where her collar met her shoulder, and sucked tenderly. Sophie craned her neck so he could have better access, and she knew that he was leaving a hickey on her skin. He was marking her.

Louis then moved to Sophie's chest, tugging down at her tanktop and pressing his lips against the soft skin. When his tongue flicked out in between her breasts Sophie gasped and her eyes rolled back in her head. He knew that was one of her weak spots.

A few more seconds passed and Louis pressed his forehead against her chest, catching his own breath. Sophie raked her fingers through his hair and he shivered slightly before chuckling deeply and turning his head so that his cheek was against her chest instead.

"Your heart," he said, "It's beating so fast."

Sophie tugged lightly at the hair at the base of Louis' neck, encouraging him to look up at her. "That's because of you." She said, tears pricking at her eyes.

Louis scanned Sophie's pretty face appreciatively. He had tugged her sandy blonde hair out of its hair tie, and now her waves cascaded over her shoulders. There were bags underneath her eyes and her lips were swollen from their kissing. The corners of his lips turned up slightly as he pushed her hair back to expose the love bite on her neck. He leaned forward and very lightly pressed his lips to it.

"Louis?" Sophie said his name tentatively and he pulled back to look at her. Their faces were less than an inch apart it seemed.

"Mmm?" He asked, his chest vibrating underneath her hand, which she had fisted in his shirt.

Sophie gulped and took a shaky breath before looking at Louis from underneath her long eyelashes. "I-I know I don't deserve it, and I know you have every right to hate me. B-But I want you Louis, I n-need you. I know I majorly fucked up, I know that. But it's you Louis, it's only you, you're the only for me. G-Give me another chance baby, p-please. L-Let me make this r-right." She stuttered in fear.

Tears streamed down Sophie's rosy cheeks, still flushed from their heated encounter. She clutched Louis' shirt even tighter, afraid he would run away, afraid he would reject her, as he had every right to. Louis stared at her intently, silent. A sob escaped her mouth.

"Please Louis, just say s--"

Louis cut her off yet again with another kiss, but this one was different. Instead of heat and passion, it was sweet and tender. Their lips molded against each other perfectly, and he put his warm palm against her smooth cheek, wiping away the tears. A few seconds passed and he pulled back, looking at her eyes, which were full of surprise.

"Of course Soph." He said softly, making her eyes sparkle for the first time since he'd arrived. He chuckled lightly. "I love you baby, and as long as you promise me that it'll only be me from here on out,"

"It will be Louis I swear it will be," Sophie hurriedly said, putting her hands on his cheeks and at the back of his neck frantically.

"Then there's nothing to keep us apart." Louis finished.

Sophie's shoulders shook even more as she continued to cry, but these were happy tears. She had her husband back. She had Louis back.

"I l-love you Louis," she managed to stutter out, wrapping her arms around his neck and hugging him tightly. Louis reciprocated, dipping his head into the crook of her neck and breathing hotly against her neck.

"I love you too Soph. I love you too."


Then the door slammed downstairs.

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