Too Far Gone (Sequel to Louis Doesn't Have To Know)

(This is a SEQUEL, I strongly reccomend you read my first movella, Louis Doesn't Have To Know, otherwise you will be very lost whilst reading Too Far Gone)

Heartbreak. Sorrow. Regret. That's all Sophie feels anymore. Louis is filing for divorce and she can't do anything to stop it. But she made the mistakes right? She was the one who cheated after all, with his best friend and bandmate no less. She doesn't even know if her daughter is really Louis' or not. What does this mean for Louis and Liam's friendship? Will One Direction break up? Can Sophie convince Louis that she can change? CAN she change? Or is everything just...Too Far Gone?

(AGAIN, read the first book please. You won't regret it!)


9. New Year's Eve, 3 Years Ago

New Year's Eve, three years ago...


A chorus of happy shouts rose up from around Zayn's flat as Niall shouted out how much time was left for what seemed like the hundredth time. Sophie laughed as she took another sip from her cosmo. Zayn was hosting a massive New Year's Eve party to which it seemed all of London had been invited to. At the moment, Sophie was standing alone out on Zayn's balcony, overlooking the beautiful London lights while the party loudly continued inside. She smiled in contentment and jumped when she felt a presence suddenly join her.

"You know, a pretty girl like you shouldn't be out here all alone with just..." Liam checked his watch. "Six minutes until midnight."

Sophie chuckled and Liam playfully nudged her with his shoulder. They had been secretly seeing each other for about three weeks now.

Sophie turned around and rested her back against the railing while Liam continued to look out over London. She ran her index finger over the edge of her drink glass. "Well I'm not alone now, am I?" She asked in a husky voice, turning her head to make eye contact with Liam. His eyes instantly got dark.

"Soph." He said, want and need dripping from his voice. He stood up to his full height and moved closer to her, resting his hand on her waist. Sophie looked up at him from underneath her long eyelashes.

"Liam, not here. W-We can't." She said quietly, but her voice gave away how much she wanted him as well. Liam leaned down to where his mouth was right at her ear.

"I know. But just you wait until the next time we're alone." He said seductively, and Sophie shivered as he grazed his teeth over her earlobe. Her eyes rolled in the back of her head and she had to blink several times to regain her focus when he suddenly pulled away. Liam just chuckled, pleased that he had gotten such a reaction out of her. Sophie pursed her lips and her cheeks flushed red in embarassment. She put her palm on his chest and shoved him back playfully. "Oh quit smirking." She muttered, making him laugh even more.

"FIVE MINUTES UNTIL MIDNIGHT!" Niall's voice boomed out again and everyone cheered, raising their glasses to him inside. Belle laughed and Liam shook his head.

"He's been announcing the time every two minutes for the past hour I think." Liam muttered, turning his head to look at Sophie. They had put some distance between each other, both leaning back on the balcony railing. Liam had his hands in his pockets.

"Well that's what happens when you give Niall an open bar I suppose." Sophie said quietly. Liam furrowed his brow when he saw a sad look pass over Sophie's face.

"Soph what's wrong?" Liam asked with genuine concern in his voice.

Sophie looked up with her mouth slightly parted but quickly closed it and shook her head, putting on a fake smile for his benefit. "Oh it's nothing, I just--" She cut herself off and looked up at Liam, who smiled and touched her shoulder gently.

"It's okay, you can tell me." He said quietly.

Sophie took in a deep breath and exhaled slowly before saying, "I don't know, I guess I'm just missing home here lately. Well not so much home as much as I miss Ashton." Liam nodded his head in understanding, Sophie talked about her older sister a lot.

"But didn't she just come visit you for Christmas?"

Sophie nodded. "Yeah, she did and it was great, we had a lot of fun and she loved seeing all you guys again. I actually think she has a thing for Niall." She added, and Liam nodded again. They would make a good couple, he thought to himself.

"But her modeling career is going so well and I'm happy for her, of course. I just..." Sophie trailed off, looking through the glass doors at the rest of the party, absorbed in her own thoughts.

"You wish you had something like that going for you." Liam finished for her, and Sophie looked at him in shock.

"How did you...?"

Liam chuckled. "I know you Soph. I know that you love being here, but I've been wondering for a while when you were going to admit to yourself that you want something more for yourself. A career, a passion." He smiled at Sophie's wide hazel eyes, boring into his own. "You should start painting again."

Sophie bit her bottom lip and squinted her eyes. "You think so?"

"Yeah, I really do." He said firmly. "Start the new year by deciding to do something for you. You worry so much about everyone else around you but you never put yourself first. Be a little selfish for once Soph, you deserve it."

Sophie smiled at Liam's kind hearted words and was afraid she would start to tear up a little bit. He understood her so well, and he was right. She was jealous of the fact that Ashton had such fulfillment in her life, doing something that she loved. Sophie desperately wanted that for herself, and she only had one real passion in life: painting.

"Thank you Liam." Sophie whispered and Liam smiled before opening his strong arms and wrapping her in a tight hug.

"You're welcome beautiful." He whispered back before kissing her cheek. To any onlooker they were just two friends casually embracing. Nobody suspected it was anything more.

Liam pulled back and opened his mouth to say something, but Niall's booming voice cut him off.


Sophie threw her head back and laughed and Liam smiled at the sight. She was so beautiful, and she had absolutely no idea. If only she were his. Well, if only she were his and his alone.

Suddenly Sophie stopped laughing, looking up with an amused expression.

"What is it?" Liam asked, but his question was answered as he followed her upward gaze.

"Mistletoe." Sophie said simply, lowering her head to look at Liam with a meek smile on her face. He was so great, truly. If only she weren't already taken.

Liam slowly lowered his gaze back to Sophie's and grinned. "Well, you know," he began to say in a very cheeky tone, "Legend has it that if a boy and a girl are under a mistletoe and don't kiss, then they will both suffer a terrible fate."

"Oh is that so?" Sophie said with a giggle, playing along. Liam nodded and pursed his lips, getting into the story.

"Oh yeah, it's true." He said with mock seriousness. "The mistletoe gods will look down upon them and make sure that they never kiss again." He finished with a nod of finality.

Sophie bit her lip again. "Well we don't want that now do we?"

Liam grinned and shook his head, starting to lean in. "No," he whispered, "we surely don't."

Just as their lips were about to touch, a familiar voice interrupted.

"Sophie! Sophie where are you? I need my girl to give me my midnight kiss!"

Liam and Sophie both froze, lips just centimeters apart. Liam sighed and dropped his head in defeat. Damn Louis, always interrupting everything. Sophie looked at him with an apologetic expression before pulling away. Louis opened the sliding glass doors and burst onto the balcony with a drink in his hand and a grin on his face.

"Oh there you are love." He said with mildly slurred words and Sophie laughed. Louis looked up to Liam and began moving towards them, obviously tipsy, but not quite drunk yet. He clapped Liam on the shoulder in a friendly manner. "You two party poopers keeping each other company?"

Liam pursed his lips in a tight smile. "Yeah Lou. We sure are." He said sadly, looking at Sophie.

Louis smiled a goofy smile. "Well good! Now Sophie love, it's almost midnight and you know what that means."

Sophie rolled her eyes but smiled nonetheless as Louis pushed Liam out of the way and wrapped his arms around Sophie in a tight embrace. She laughed as he picked her up and spun her around and Liam felt his heartache radiating all the way down to his toes.

Liam walked back into Zayn's flat without a word, instantly being bombarded by Harry and Niall.

"Liam my boy! Tell me, have you had a drink?" Harry said but walked away trailing after some redhead before Liam could even bother to respond.

"The countdown's about to start mate, where you been?!" Niall asked loudly over the music, hooking an arm around Liam's shoulder.

Liam looked behind him and saw Sophie and Louis giggling, her arms around his neck and his hands on her waist. He saw Louis look up and Liam could read his lips as he said, "Oh hey, it's a mistletoe."

Liam chuckled bitterly and turned back to Niall, who was still looking at him expectantly. He put on a smile. "Doesn't matter mate. It's gone now." He said sadly, but Niall wasn't even listening anymore because the countdown had started.


Liam moved out from under Niall's arm and made his way over to the bar, grabbing a shot and tossing it back.


Maybe this year he would make Sophie his own. He would do everything in his power to make her his. He'd prove that he was a better man for her than Louis.


Liam picked up another shot and looked across the flat and through the glass doors to the balcony, where Louis and Sophie were in a passionate embrace, their lips pressed together. Liam cringed as she opened her eyes and looked through the glass doors, just so happening to meet his intense stare.

"HAPPY NEW YEAR!" Everyone shouted, grabbing the nearest member of the opposite sex and kissing them. Everyone was overjoyed.

Everyone except Liam that is, who had the look of a lost puppy on his face. Sophie wasn't his, she was Louis'.

And Liam had a horrible feeling deep down in his gut that that fact would never change.

Or could it?


Author's Note: Ahhh, I love flashbacks :) I hope you guys like this chapter, I know it was mildly depressing, but DON'T WORRY, things are going to get happier here soon, trust me.

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