Too Far Gone (Sequel to Louis Doesn't Have To Know)

(This is a SEQUEL, I strongly reccomend you read my first movella, Louis Doesn't Have To Know, otherwise you will be very lost whilst reading Too Far Gone)

Heartbreak. Sorrow. Regret. That's all Sophie feels anymore. Louis is filing for divorce and she can't do anything to stop it. But she made the mistakes right? She was the one who cheated after all, with his best friend and bandmate no less. She doesn't even know if her daughter is really Louis' or not. What does this mean for Louis and Liam's friendship? Will One Direction break up? Can Sophie convince Louis that she can change? CAN she change? Or is everything just...Too Far Gone?

(AGAIN, read the first book please. You won't regret it!)


3. In The End

"Mate, it's just not a good idea, I'm telling you. Just wait for her to come to y--"

"But what if she doesn't Niall?!" Liam interrupted with a shout, running his hands through his hair in frustration. "What if she decides that she wants to stay holed up in that damn house for...for forever?!" Liam was pacing back and forth in Niall's living room, while Niall and Ashton sat on the couch drinking tea and looking at him sympathetically.

"Liam trust me, she'll come around." Ashton said calmly. Liam just rolled his eyes.

"How do you know that Ash?"

Ashton scoffed and replied, "Oh you think I don't know my sister? Trust me for once, will ya?"

It was quiet for a moment and Liam finally sighed and sat down on the opposite couch from Niall and Ashton. He put his head down in his hands and laughed bitterly. "I just want to talk to her. It's killing me to know that she's hurting because of what I've done."

"Liam this isn't all your fault!" Niall said in an attempt to make his friend feel better.

"Niall's right, you know I don't make excuses for Sophie and she is just as much responsible for this as you are. She could have said no to you and gone back to--"

"She tried to Ashton, she tried!" Liam interrupted, lifting his head up. Tears were brimming in his eyes and he could barely choke out his words. "She tried to break things off between us so many times I lost count! Every time though, I would beg her to stay with me. I mean, I would beg her. You wanna know why I would do it? Because I knew she loved me too much to see me hurting. She stayed with me all that time because she didn't want to see me in pain. I took advantage of her selflessness!" A quiet moment passed and Liam's voice softened. "I...I used her kindess to make me feel better about myself."

Niall and Ashton had no words to say. Tears leaked out from Ashton's eyes, but she quickly wiped them away. It was taking every ounce of Liam's willpower to hold back his own.

Liam inhaled sharply and lifted up his head, pursing his lips and mustering the best face he could to hold back the pain. It wasn't fair to his friends to have to listen to all of his problems. He smiled weakly and said, "Okay change of subject shall we? So, uh, what's going on with..." Liam gestured between Niall and Ashton, "this?"

Ashton blushed furiously and looked down at her lap. Niall just turned to her and grinned like an idiot, looking down at her with complete adoration. Ashton had visited Sophie countless times over the past three to four years and she and Niall had always been really into each other. Her modeling career was still going strong though back in America, so they never really pursued anything. Since Sophie had yelled at her sister to get the hell out of her house though, Ashton was refusing to go back home until her sister was okay again, and Niall had offered her a place to stay so she wouldn't have to spend her money on a hotel. Now they were sitting closely next to each other on the couch and Niall had his arm thrown casually behind Ashton. He'd been infatuated with her since the first time she'd visited England almost three years ago, so this was a dream come true for him.

Niall just chuckled and leaned over, kissing Ashton on the cheek sweetly. She whipped her head around to him and smacked his arm. "Niall!" She hissed, even though she was trying to hold back a smile.

Niall just rolled his eyes and leaned back, still grinning. "Oh come on Ash, he isn't blind!"

Ashton pursed her lips but the smile was still there. She leaned back into Niall's chest and huffed dramatically.

Liam chuckled, looking at the cute couple. They complimented each other perfectly, he'd always hoped they would get together. They were both loud and carefree, but Ashton was also very stern, which Niall needed. She would keep him in line. "Well it sure as hell took you guys long enough," He muttered cheekily under his breath.

Ashton's jaw dropped and Niall threw his head back in laughter. "Liam!" Ashton shouted, even though she wasn't actually mad.

"Aw come on babe," Niall said, wrapping his arms around Ashton and pulling her up into his lap, "He's right after all, it did take me, what? Three years to get you to finally see me as more than, 'Sophie's husband's band mate that has a funny accent'? Isn't that what you called me?"

Ashton blushed furiously and tucked her fire engine red hair behind her ears nervously. "Well I'm here now aren't I?" She finally asked, looking down at Niall. He chuckled and leaned his face up to hers mumbling, "That you are love, that you are," before kissing her softly and sweetly on the lips.

Liam dropped his head down to give the two some privacy. God, he wished that was him. Holding the girl of his dreams in his arms, kissing her softly, making her blush. He had that with Sophie. For almost three years, he had had that. He knew all her secrets, all her hopes, all her dreams. He knew her heart. When she broke things off with him at the wedding, he tried to tell himself that there was someone else out there for him, but that didn't help anything. He didn't want anyone else, he just wanted her. It made no difference that there were other fish in the sea when he only had eyes for one. Why couldn't things just be simple for him for once?

What made things worse though was that in the back of his mind, Liam wanted to take advantage of the current situation. Louis wanted a divorce, which meant that Sophie was going to be single again. He wouldn't dare try to be with her romantically right now though, especially when she said she didn't want to speak to him anytime soon. At first Liam had been hurt by this, but then he realized it was because Sophie didn't trust herself around him; she was afraid that she'd let herself fall into his arms again, but that wasn't even what he wanted from her. All Liam wanted was to be there for Sophie, to hold her tight and tell her that everything was going to be okay. Because it would be okay. It had to be.

In the end, it'll all be okay. And if it's not okay, then it must not be the end.

So...this couldn't be the end for Liam and Sophie, right?

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