Too Far Gone (Sequel to Louis Doesn't Have To Know)

(This is a SEQUEL, I strongly reccomend you read my first movella, Louis Doesn't Have To Know, otherwise you will be very lost whilst reading Too Far Gone)

Heartbreak. Sorrow. Regret. That's all Sophie feels anymore. Louis is filing for divorce and she can't do anything to stop it. But she made the mistakes right? She was the one who cheated after all, with his best friend and bandmate no less. She doesn't even know if her daughter is really Louis' or not. What does this mean for Louis and Liam's friendship? Will One Direction break up? Can Sophie convince Louis that she can change? CAN she change? Or is everything just...Too Far Gone?

(AGAIN, read the first book please. You won't regret it!)


6. Foyer Conflict and Contact

"Sophie? Sophie where are you?!"

Sophie's pretty hazel eyes widened in shock and she leaned back to look into Louis' blue eyes. Her legs were still wrapped around his waist as they sat on the bedroom floor against the wall, and she felt his whole body tense up when the voice downstairs shouted her name. His eyes began to swirl with the darkness she had seen just moments before and his face set in hard lines of anger. A low gutteral sound erupted from the back of his throat, almost like a growl.

"Soph! Soph are you alright?!"

"Louis, calm down, y--"

Sophie was cut off as Louis gently but firmly put his hands on Sophie's waist and easily lifted her off of him. He stood up abruptly and pointed down where she was still seated against the wall, saying, "Stay here."

"Damn it Sophie where the hell are you?!"

Just as Louis was about to turn and exit the bedroom to go down the stairs to confront their new visitor, Sophie caught his wrist with her hand and clumsily pulled herself up to a standing position next to him.

"Louis please, don't do anything stupid." She pleaded, latching onto his arm and putting a hand on his cheek to make him look into her eyes. Louis' heart melted when she saw how torn she was, and the darkness slowly began to fade from his eyes. Sophie offered a weak smile and pulled her body even closer to his. "Let's just stay calm alright?"

Louis took a deep breath. "I'll try babe but I don't know if I can--"

"But you're not doing it alone," Sophie interrupted, "I'm here with you. Can you just...don't get too angry okay? For the band? F-For me?" She laughed nervously and ducked her head down a little, a blush rising to her cheeks.

Louis' jaw was clenched tight, especially as he took in the sounds of the person rushing around downstairs, still shouting Sophie's name and looking for her. Sophie looked so scared, like she had been when Louis had lost his cool earlier.

Louis honestly didn't know what had come over him before, it was all a blur now. His anger had consumed his entirity, and he didn't like how out of control it had made him feel. What made it so terrible though was how afraid Sophie had looked. He never wanted to scare Sophie, ever. Sure he was still completely and utterly heartbroken over her unfaithfulness, but no matter what happened, he would always love her. He wanted to dote on her, take care of her...not control her. His eyes involuntarily fluttered down to her forearm, where bruises had already appeared.

Sophie was studying Louis' face intently, and she saw how much pain he felt when he looked down at the still throbbing injury on her arm. He bit down on his lip and and his long eyelashes fluttered up and down. She quickly dropped her hand from his cheek and covered the bruises.

"Louis I'm fine," she said seriously, getting his gaze back on her. He looked so sad. She offered him one of her heartbreaking smiles and leaned up to lightly peck him on the lips, which instantly relaxed his shoulders. She pulled back and smiled.

"God damn it Sophie where the hell are you?!"

Louis' eyes began to darken but he quickly shook his head from side to side to refocus. He had to stay calm, he couldn't scare Sophie any more. He grabbed her hand and entertwined their fingers.

"Let's go." He said simply, without emotion. Sophie took in a deep, shaky breath and nodded slightly, squeezing her husband's hand.

With that, Louis gently tugged at Sophie's hand and led her out of the bedroom. She was still in her black underwear and white tanktop, but that was the last thing on their minds. They had bigger problems at the moment.

Just as they were about to round the corner that led to the stairs descending towards their uninvited visitor's familiar voice, Sophie inhaled sharply and froze. Louis stopped as well and turned back to face her.

"Baby it's going to be fine. I'm going to stay calm, alright? I promise."

Sophie relaxed as Louis leaned forward and kissed her on the cheek, smiling down at her. Sure, he had been scary earlier, but he had just been angry. If Louis promised to keep his cool, she knew he would. He would never do anything to hurt her - intentionally, that is.

Sophie nodded and they descended hand in hand down the stairs together.


Directly following the voice was the slam of a door and Sophie winced. He was in the kitchen now, it sounded like he had been looking for her in the utility room, where the washer and dryer were located. Louis sighed in irritation.

"Stairs, mate!" Louis shouted out suddenly, his voice reverberating in the massive house and making Sophie jump.

It was silent for a moment, then Sophie heard his loud footsteps, hastily rushing to its destination. The swinging door that led to the foyer where she and Louis were standing hand in hand at the base of the stairs flung open and the dissheveled figure froze as he took in the sight in front of him. Louis was expressing a calm, detached demeanor as he leaned back against the wood railing of the stairway, while Sophie so obviously portrayed her nervousness, partially hidden by Louis' tall frame. Their fingers were entertwined.

"Soph?" He cautiously asked, still standing in front of the door leading to the kitchen. "You alright?"

Louis laughed bitterly.

"Nice to see you too Liam." Louis said sarcastically, and Liam just glared. He was incredibly confused as to the sight in front of him. Up to this point, it had been expressed to him that Louis never wanted to see Sophie again, and now they were holding hands? Not to mention that she was basically in her underwear, with the exclusion of a white tanktop she had on. What the hell was going on?

Liam ignored Louis' comment and looked past him to Sophie, who was still partially behind Louis. "Sophie? Are you alright?" He asked again, putting much more emphasis on his words.

Sophie felt Louis tense up beside her and she saw the muscle in his jaw twitch as he glared at Liam with what can only be described as pure detest. She gave his hand a small squeeze, and he relaxed again. She knew he didn't want to scare her again. Sophie turned her gaze back to Liam, who was standing rather awkwardly in his blue sweatpants and gray fitted tshirt. She smiled meekly at him and he raised his eyebrows. "Yeah Liam, I'm alright," She said rather hoarsely, her voice catching in her throat.

Liam laughed bitterly and took a step closer to them. This time when Louis tensed up, he didn't relax when Sophie squeezed his hand.

"Really? You're alright? Because it sure as hell doesn't seem as though you've been doing alright what with all the booze around your place. Why haven't you been answering any one's calls? We've been worried sick about you Soph, did you not think about anyone but yourself?"

"Hey mate why don't you shut the hell up alright?" Louis interrupted, his voice loud and menacing as he held up his free hand to Liam to signal he wanted him to be quiet.

Liam scoffed in disbelief. "You're going to tell me to shut up Lou? You know what, I should beat the hell out of you for making her so upset, I can't believe you w--"

"You shut your God damn mouth Payne, you're the one that tried to steal my girl you son of a b--"

"At least I love her when you obviously don't, letting her drown her sorrows in alchohol and weed!"

Louis flinched at those words, but just for a moment. Liam was getting closer and closer by the second, only about four feet away from them now. Louis was beginning to shake with his anger, and his eyes were darkening again. He squeezed Sophie's hand roughly and his other hand balled up in a fist. "Listen here you little prick, I--"

"Louis stop." Sophie said firmly, even though she was terrified, moving her body in front of him and blocking his sight from Liam. His eyes instantly softened as he looked down at Sophie, who had tears brimming in her eyes. Louis and Liam had been screaming at each other, and she'd never seen either of them so angry. Except for Louis, of course. He began to relax as he looked down into her eyes, and he slowly nodded his head.

Sophie turned her body to face Liam then, but still kept a hand behind her, holding onto Louis' wrist. "Liam you need to leave." She tried to say cooly, but her voice cracked nonetheless. Liam's jaw dropped.

"Are you kidding me Sophie?" He asked incredulously. "You're telling me to leave? I'm the one who has been looking out for you the past month, when Louis disappeared and then when he got out of the hospital! Me! Not him!"

Sophie took in a shaky breath and turned her back to Liam again, looking up into Louis' breathtaking eyes. He looked down at her in confusion and she put a hand on his cheek. She mouthed the words, "Trust me," and then turned and briskly walked the four steps it took to stand right in front of Liam.

They weren't touching whatsoever, but their chests were incredibly close, both rising and falling with their shaky breaths. Sophie looked up at Liam from underneath her long eyelashes sadly. "Liam..." She breathed, her voice giving away how torn she was. She didn't want to hurt Liam, she loved him. But she had to make her marriage work.

Liam closed his eyes tightly and shook his head from side to side. He didn't want to hear what she had to say. "No Sophie, don't--"

"Liam look at me." Sophie said a bit more forcefully, and Liam complied. She took a deep breath and said, "'s him. It's always been him, you know this. Sure, we've both messed up recently, me more so than him obviously, but--" Sophie turned and looked over her shoulder at Louis, who had his head cocked in confusion. She bit her lip and smiled meekly. "But I love him and he loves me. And we're going to make this work." She whipped her head back around to face Liam, her face stone cold now. He looked so sad. She took in a deep breath and took one of his hands in both of her own, holding it up in between them. He inhaled sharply but she continued, "Help me make this work Liam. You want me to be happy right?" Liam looked up at the ceiling and bit down hard on his lower lip.

"Of course I want you to be happy Soph," he practically whispered, "You know I do--"

"Then help me Liam," She cut him off sharply, "Let Louis and I be together. We can't afford any more conflict. None of us can."

Liam pursed his lips and stared into Sophie's eyes. The eyes that had held him captive for the past three and a half years. They were pleading.

Liam sighed and nodded sadly. Sophie exhaled in relief and laughed humorlessly. "I'm sorry Sophie." He said sadly.

"I know you are Liam. I am too."

With that, Sophie very cautiously opened her arms up and wrapped them around Liam's waist in an embrace. He responded eagerly, wrapping his arms around her neck and pulling her tightly to him. He was taller than her by almost half a foot, and he looked over her head and glared at Louis. Louis was still propped up against the stair railing, and he had his arms crossed and his teeth clenched. His eyes were almost black, and Liam could feel the anger radiating off of him even though he was almost five feet away.

"This isn't over," Liam mouthed wordlessly. Louis smirked arrogantly and mouthed back, "No, it's not."

Sophie was the first to pull away, feeling uncomfortable with how tightly Liam was holding her. He just moved his arms from her neck to her waist, still holding her rather close. She smiled meekly up at him and he smiled back. Louis cleared his throat and stepped up to them, pushing past Liam to Sophie. Liam wanted to punch Louis in the face at the contact.

"Alright that's enough." Louis said sharply, stepping beside Sophie and putting his hands on her sides and pulling her away from Liam.

"Hey you don't make decisions for her!" Liam shouted, pushing Louis' left shoulder.

Louis' eyes burned in rage almost instantly and he stepped past Sophie right in front of Liam.

Sophie frantically grabbed at Louis' arm. "Louis come on--"

"Don't you ever touch me again Liam." Louis said menacingly. Liam wasn't scared though. He'd known Louis for six years now, his friend wasn't going to hurt him. Especially not in front of Sophie.

Liam laughed bitterly. "I'm not scared of you Tomlinson." He spat.

"Yeah? Well you should be." Louis reciprocated, his tone just as vile, stepping right up to Liam's face. They were the same height.

"Alright stop it!" Sophie shouted, grabbing Louis' arm and pulling herself in front of him. She maneuvered her way in between the two angry guys, standing perpindicular to the both of them, putting a hand on either of their chests and pushing them apart. She looked back and forth between them; they were still glaring at each other. "Please!" She shouted, tears brimming in her eyes.

The boys looked away from each other and down at Sophie. Her breath was ragged.

Liam caught something out of the corner of his eye and looked down at the pale, outstretched arm that was pushing him away from Louis.

"Soph?" He asked softly, lifting both of his hands up to Sophie's forearm to turn it over. When his hands made contact with her skin though, Sophie gasped in pain and turned to him. She paled in realization and Louis inhaled sharply. She then tried to jerk her hand out of Liam's grasp, but he held on relentlessly, turning her arm over to analyze the purple marks left on her fair skin.

"Soph...?" Liam said her name as a question, silently asking what the bruise was from. He looked up at Sophie and saw that her pink heart shaped lips were pursed and she was wincing slightly in pain. He released his grip on her slightly as he realized it was because of their contact and she yanked her arm away, putting her other hand on it to shield the injury.

"Here, let me," Louis murmured, pulling Sophie close to him and holding her injured arm lovingly, completely ignoring the fact that Liam was still standing there. Sophie bit her lip and Liam looked on at the sight in front of him. Louis pulled up Sophie's arm gingerly and pressed a sweet kiss to it before running his index finger over the purple marks. Liam couldn't help but notice how Louis' hand seemed to cover the bruise perfectly...

His face paled in realization.

"Louis you son of a bitch!"

Blood stained Liam's knuckles as his fist made contact with Louis' face.

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